Recently, a video featuring a very effeminate Black man putting on a complete performance for a local news crew has not only swept the internet, but has become the most watched YouTube video in a matter of days. Read the rest of this entry »


There Are No Lines In Politics, Ms. Martin (Part II)
This post continues the response I had to NPR’s Michelle Martin on her assertion that there are “lines” of decency in politics.

Bad Obama Paintings That Were Worth Millions In 2008

Just a little comic relief.

Who’s In Charge?
Obama may sit in the most powerful seat on this side of the globe, but who is supplying him with that power?

Beyond Montana Fishburne

While folks all across the net are showing shock and awe over Laurence Fishburne’s daughter doing porn, the porn industry is full of young men and women who will NEVER get as much “concerned” attention as Fishburne’s little girl.

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“The NAACP of yesteryear: lynchings, Jim Crow, Brown vs. Board of Education, Plessy v. Ferguson. The NAACP of today: Smoking bans, amusement parks, Hallmark cards, pot, and nominating Real Housewives of Atlanta for an Image Award. How the mighty has fallen.”

“Nigga” From The Lips Of A White Man Is Pure Gold

Repeating Insignificance

But Will They Have A Section For Weed Smokers?

Watch Me Pull This Rabbit Out Of My Hat

Didn’t Jimmy The Greek Say Something Like This?

Do We Need A 9/11 To Help Obama?

Al Qaeda Immunity To The Race Bomb

Remember, The Banks Are Too Big To Fail

That’s A New One

Sign Of The Times?

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Headlines

Or just another day in Atlanta? Podcast Commercial

Podcast page for Podcast was redesigned this week.

A Lesson For Black Politicians (From Ebony, 1969)

Welfare Mentality


Race Alone Cannot Be Used To Predict Health

The Media’s Obsession With The “Not Enough Blacks In Baseball” Claim

Suburban Mom Seeks Change For Illinois

Just Wondering If LeBron Is Making Room For Mom In Miami

Almost Like America

Perhaps It Was How Steele Said What He Did