The most “racist” country on the planet is one of the most diverse–GO FIGURE!

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ATLANTA (Reuters) – The number of people in the United States from ethnic or racial minorities has risen to more than 100 million, or around one third of the population, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report on Thursday.

The minorities figure stood at 100.7 million, up from 98.3 million a year earlier. Within that, the Hispanic population was the fastest growing at a rate of 3.4 percent between July 2005 and July 2006.

Hispanics were also the largest minority group, accounting for 44.3 million people on July 1, 2006, or 14.8 percent of the overall U.S. population which, according to census data released in October 2006, stood at more than 300 million.


“About one in three U.S. residents is a minority,” said Census Bureau Director Louis Kincannon.

“There are more minorities in this country today than there were people in the United States in 1910. In fact, the minority population in the U.S. is larger than the total population of all but 11 countries (on the planet).”

The black population grew 1.3 percent in the year from July 2005 and reached 40.2 million in 2006, the census said, while the number of native Hawaiians and members of other Pacific islander groups reached 1 million.

Asians were the second fastest-growing minority group at a rate of 3.2 percent, with their numbers standing at 14.9 million.

The population of non-Hispanic whites who indicated no other race grew 0.3 percent during the one-year period. (more…)


  1. Andre says:

    I like you comments and opinions but this is untrue. America is a very racist country but America in it wildest dreams could not be as racist as some other countries out there, not even close. This is no exaggeration, I don’t know what countries you have traveled to but place I have been include Russia and China, I speak both Russian and Chinese, my Russian is ok but my Chinese is perfect, both of these countries make America look like the most accepting nation in the world. Trust me, I hear them when they don’t think I can hear and I would say on an average day walking down the street 95 percent of the Chinese have some negative about me being black (I’m black by the way) as far as Russia the number of Russian resturaunts I have not been able to get into and the number of people who have tried to fight me for no reason together is easily in the triple digits, no exaggeration! America is far from perfect but if you go to some of these other place you will miss home. I’m not going against what your saying but maybe you shouldn’t say the most racist country on the planet.

  2. Duane says:


    You and I both agree on this issue (notice I put the word “racist” in quotes). This is what many people believe, but I am not one of them. The accounts I hear from many friends who have been to Asian countries (for example)as it relates to racism towards Blacks are far worse than the accounts here in the US. Like you said, the US is far from perfect, but we are a lot closer to it than most in this department.

    How long did it take for you to learn Chinese and what in your opinion is the best way to learn it? I am asking this because it might be a necessity for me to learn it for business purposes (I don’t like hearing business being conducted in Chinese/Korean while I am in the room).

  3. Berthil says:

    Your right about Amerika Andre, but Asia and Russia are racist openly.. and Amerika is just being sneaky , and i’m not talking about the people at the bottom, i’m talking about the people at the top!

  4. Jeff says:

    I think USA is probably way over the top of the racist category but I don’t like the fact you are posting this crap. I got to admit, I like this website! The least racist country I’ve probably ever traveled to was Australia!

  5. Dan says:

    Heck, I wouldn’t generalise ALL Asian countries as racist. (That’s being racist itself.)

  6. Miguel Vuelba says:

    I have not met a racist Asian. Most Asians I met are intelligent.

  7. James S says:

    Miguel said “I have not met a racist Asian.” Wow. The only things I can think is, or (1) you have never met an Asian, (2) you don’t speak their languages so you don’t know what they are saying. I happen to know many (East) Asians (i.e. Japanese, Koreans, Chinese). I have also been to Japan where my girlfriend and I were turned away from entering a restaurant where other people were eating and there were many open tables. East Asians, ON AVERAGE, are some of the most prejudiced against black people (I don’t know how they feel about others) folks on the planet.

  8. bishop says:

    OK, first i am a black man. The least racist nation that i have been to is Isreal, the second least is France, and the third least is Bosnia (Sarajevo.) The most racist was Crotia, and Italy.


    Most Asians that i have met have been racist. I strike that up to penis envy, however.

  9. Anis says:

    The Japanese are probably the most racist people on the planet.The Japanese are so racist that they pressure Korean and Chinese immigrants to change their names to sound more Japanese.Moreover if you ever watch anime you will notice that racist caricatures such as the nappy haired,coal black,big lipped black person are still common place.It’s funny how the Japanese never draw themselves as short with slanted eyes.I guess only sterotypes about other people are true.

  10. nobody says:

    You don’t know anything my friend.

    In Denmark (Europe), danes call black people for “Sambo” or “Negere” (niggers).

    In school books they call the black people for “negere” – that means niggers.

    Chocolad balls field with white schoom they call for negerkys (nigger’s kiss).

    Once, some years ago, an african politician (who was in official visit in Denmark, got broken his nose by danish policeman, who explanes afterwords that it was mistake and that he believed that african politician was a crack dealer…

    Danes hates everyone excepts them selfs …

    Seek people completely.

    Stay away from Denmark if you still want to be happy and live normal life with a friends and family.
    Better poor but happy than to have flat and car but veeeeeeery unhappy.

  11. Marie says:

    I found this site by accident while trying to get information on taxes.

    This is a very sad site and I feel for the founder on the website and the ones writing the notes. I feel even sadder that your parents have given you such a low expectation on life.

    I am a mother, an engineer, a foreign from South America (Hispanic) and a very proud naturalized citizen of the greatest nation on earth, the USA.

    In my 22 years in this country I never once found injustices in the work place or anywhere in this country. Why? Because I was raised by parents that taught me the value of hard work, the value of being happy with who I and much more. I do not go around looking for injustices. I do not go around looking for problems or looking for people to like me or dislike me.

    One of my best friend is black and the Dean of admissions at USC here in Southern California. My eleven years old son goes to an elite private school and one of his good friends is black. I do not go around telling my son to treat that child any different that his other classmates. My son’s dad is Caucasian and never once in 25 years heard him said anything bad about anyone regardless of the race.

    If you want to waste your precious time looking for race type of injustices look a little deeper inside yourselves. Blacks are racist too. Read the book authored by Clarence Thomas (a great man). He was rejected by his fellows classmates throughout his life because he was “too black” or too “African” looking. How many blacks brag about Condoleezza Rice the first black Secretary States? How many blacks celebrate Colin Powel or Michael Steel?

    Everyone has a level of prejudices on then whether is race, class etc. Mexicans are prejudices against their own people and other Hispanics. Asians only accept their own kind whether they are Japanese, Chinese or Korean. Jews people only accept their own kind. People from Indian are against different “class/Clan” within their own race. Muslims only accept other Muslims. There are the light skin blacks that discriminate against darker skin color blacks. There is the skinny people who discriminate against fat people and vise versa.

    I can never understand why someone raised in the greatest country in the planet walks around with a chip on their shoulder. You are born here in the USA. You have won the lottery! This country has so many opportunities for you, your kids and your grandkids. Why wasted your time and energy putting yourselves down.

    My kids are half Hispanic. I do not go around telling them that they are ½, 1/3 Hispanic. They are American! They are very lucky that they were born here in this country. Every morning on the way to school I tell them how smart they are and that they should always study hard no matter what so, that they can become doctors, lawyers, engineers or business persons. I tell them that their ultimate goal is for them to one day own their own business and be their own boss. I tell them that they have to work hard and try to do their best on what ever they do. I tell them that they do not need government help because they are capable of becoming successful themselves. I also tell them to be kind to everyone no matter what.

    My last point people ….get over and stop whining and find ways to make yourselves happy and stop blaming everyone else for you lack of self esteem. Please, do not pass your problems, self esteem issues to your children or grandchildren. So, what if someone does not like you. Why not just ignore everyone and just do business among yourselves like the Jews and Asian people do. You do not need anyone permission for that. You do not need anyone for you to be successful and happy in this country. You don’t need the Caucasian, the Hispanics, the Jews or the Asian people to be successful and happy. At last you also do not need the government to help you be successful and happy. You only need you and no one else.

  12. Demelza38 says:

    Wow, I am reading the comments posted by everyone and I would have to agree with all of them. To Marie, I agree with your comment

    (Everyone has a level of prejudices on then whether is race, class etc. Mexicans are prejudices against their own people and other Hispanics.)

    These racists and prejucices are in every race. I do find predudices in black american people the worst. I say for us it stems from slavery. I have seen good and bad of all races and for me racism stems from home. I have not travel to test which countries are the most racist but racism is in every country. Coming to the US most people can hide behind identy. I have been called a nigger on several occiasons and it will always strike a nerve, don’t much care how its used.

    Two thumbs up for this site lets bring racism out in the open. Racism sells. Its have” against the have not’s.

    The only way to stopped racism is start this world all over again.

    We need to think about all the contribution of all races have made in building the US and other countries.

  13. Delena Hayes says:

    It never seems to amaze me how cowardly and wasteful humans can be. I myself have found believing stereotypes of certain races and hence using them up until I meet someone of that race and they change my mind. At that point I feel stupid because I realize I had been brainwashed all along. God made people to be different because otherwise our world would be boring, dull,and stagnant. Each race has beautiful and ugly physical features. Furthermore, it’s just our physical appearances that differentiate us from each other. We are all capable of becoming productive human beings if given the opportunity. I believe our reason for judging others based on their appearance is because we ourselves are insecure, ignorant, or afraid. Insecure individuals must find something or someone that they can compare themselves to to try and feel superior or better because in reality they suffer from an inferiority complex. Then there are those who judge based on race simply because they are ignorant. Those who are ignorant can be worth millions of dollars yet not know anything about the vast differences and complexities of our world. Those who are afraid prefer to judge people based on race because they feel threatened and prefer to roam within threir comfort zone boundaries for the rest of their lives. I must say I have socialized with people of many diffferent cultures, races, and naitonalities. We all have our own prejudices and preferences, however, it is unjust when we use these prejudices to judge others because as Descartes said, “the senses are deceiving”. Not everything we touch, smell, see, hear, or taste is as we think it is.

  14. Marie says:

    With all your respect but, I think that the comments made by Mr “12 Demelza38” regarding my original “Marie” comments are not totally on the right track.

    I strongly believe that talking about race issues is a misused of brain power and waste of emotions especially when it comes to this country, the USA. There is nothing to discuss about the issue unless you wish to continue on a path of self destruction.

    Specially, if you are born or have been living in one of the greatest country in the planet for a while (the USA). As, I mentioned before if you were born in the USA you automatically won the lottery! Why ask why you won the lottery or reject the lottery just for the sake of feeling sorry for yourselves? Or why ask an opinion about winning the lottery or why do you care what people think if you win the lottery? Why being argumental if you just won the lottery? Just accept it and make the best of it.

    Please, do not be insulted… I do not intend to do so.

    I grew up in small town in South America where we have people from the Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Germany and few others places. Foreigns that immigrated to my country in South America after WW II and in recent years.

    I remember very clearly that all during my childhood and teenager years I was living next to people/families that never spoke to the people of our country (the natives Hispanics) nor talk to each other because they each had some kind of prejudices against each other dated back to pre-WWII or because of their religion such as the Middle Eastern Muslims and/or the families of Jews heritage etc.

    Later most of those families had children born in that country. The children and/or parents of those foreigns never even tried to say “Hello”, “good morning” or good evening while walking next to you. Sad, but truth.

    Now, do I waste my time except for this moment to feel sorry for myself and/or try to justified the reason for my failures because the way some of those foreigns behave toward us the “natives”. No. No, in a million years. They were equally rude to themselves and to the other foreigns!

    I look at the glass being half full. Most of those foreigns had more money than us because they worked hard, they worked long hours and they new how to do business among themselves!

    So, what did I get out…? Something in my head always told me that one day I, will have all the material things that those foreigns had back in my little town. Today, I have all those things and more. For that I, thank them and my family.

    I am mother and an Engineer. My first job in the USA as an Engineer was for a German own company in the South. In all my jobs I have been the only female professional engineer in a room of 10-20 men specially, when I worked in the South. Now, did I stop and think how terrible it was that I was the only professional women in the room? No! Waste of time and energy. If I did not like the situation I just quit. That simple.

    Again, it is what ever you want to make out life. As I mentioned before blacks also have their own hang up about other people and themselves. It has nothing to do with slavery as Mr “12 Demelza38” mentioned. Slavery happened 150 years ago! You never had to deal with slavery yourselves. No, if you are writing and reading a note in the internet right now then, for sure you had nothing to do with slavery. It is your parents, aunts and uncles the ones that put that on your head. Also, some of your liberals professors have hammer into your head that “yes” every body is against you because you are black, too thin or too small. Too fat or too pretty. But, for that I still blame your families for not teaching you the courage to say “No” you are wrong.

    Again, again and again why I do not see the American Civil Rights leaders jump for joy about the great Clarence Thomas, Colin Power, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Steel and so on? Why?

    I am not even black and I am having our third grader and six grader write a letter to Condolezza Rice before she leaves office. I have also read Clarence Thomas book to our third grader. I do not tell my kids that I want them to learn about the black culture and so forth. I just read them the books just like I would pick up a science book.

    Right now we have a man who is half black and half white running for president. Do, I see him for being have half black or half white. No. I see him for his socialist views and his associations. The same views that I grew up with in my home country. Views that have been proven wrong time again and again. Views that are putting my home country in South America down the toilet. That is all I see. I do not see a black man nor is my American “caucasian” husband see a black man.

    On the other hand put a Colin Powell in the same position and I will vote for him any day.

    Let’s leave slavery behind on the 20th century. Don’t use that as an excuse as Mr. “12 Demelza38” wrote on his note. Stop talking about that issue that ended so, long ago. Stop thinking of yourselves as the only victims. There are victims every where wether they are red, white or purple. Just, thank God that you are here today.

    As I tell my children everyday. Don’t talk about what you are going to do. Show me what you did. Show me what you completed. Talk is cheap. People are always going to judge you because of how you look, how you dress, because of who you are or who you hang around with or what you do.

    Sorry, for the long note and the lecture. I am going to sleep now.

  15. Cherokee says:

    Cries of racism constitute the last refuge of those who lack intestinal fortitude and vision. I agree with Marie in her assessment of life”s various issues. I am one black man who is thoroughly convinced that America is by far the greatest nation that has ever existed! I was born in 1946 so I was able to witness and personally experience some of the injustices that blacks have undergone in this country. Those former injustices have been severely muted and in many cases eliminated. Quite simply stated,blacks have no grounds to claim racism as a factor in their everyday lives! I wish that I had the power to teleport all of you race whiners back in time, I’d show you what real racism was all about because you don’t have a clue. There was a time when if I met a white person that was prejudiced,it was my problem. But nowadays if I meet a white person that is prejudiced, that is their problem! I would like for someone to tell me just exactly what it is that black don’t have that they can’t get in this society? There is a company called Target Market that tracks the spending habits of the black consumer,in 2002 they found that blacks spent 22.9 billion on clothes,3.2 billion on electronics,11.6 billion on furniture,46.7 billion on cars but only 303 million on literature which may constitute on indictment on black unwillingness to place a premium on education. We have all heard about the financial meltdown of Merrill Lynch,well the CEO of that company Mr. Stanley O’Neal, walked away with a severance package in the aggregate of 150 million dollars,when I look at the photo of Mr. O’Neal he sure looks like a black man to me! The U.S.census bureau reports that black businesses increased in number by 45% from 1997 to 2002. Statistical analysis shows that this was a rate of growth higher than all ethnic groups,whites included. That same analysis also revealed that black business revenue increased by a respectable 30% as compared to only 5% among comparable white owned businesses. Also in 2003 black earned income stood at 656 billion dollars. The argument has been put forth that if we blacks were placed in a country all by ourselves we would easily be classified as the 16th largest economy in the world which by the way means that we would displace Australia from that 16th slot. I would like to share with you words from the past…”There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles,the wrongs,and the hardships of the Negro race before the public.Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs….There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don ‘t want the patient to get well,because as long as the diease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living,but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public” Booker T.Washington,1911.Sounds as if Mr Washington was familiar wiyh Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And,no,America is not perfect. We still have people here who are prejudiced,we call them blacks,Mexicans,whites,Asians,Indians,etc.I have racist in my black family. The curious thing that I have noticed about people that are prejudiced they are always pointing the finger at someone else as being racist like what they feel is ok it’s the other guy he’s the one thats wrong. Or that they are justified in their racism because that one over there is racist. Black people can do whatever they want. Your enemy is your own low expectations of your ability to accomplish your goals.

  16. Ldopas says:

    Wow, a lot of verbiage posted here.

    Marie, some of you points were good, but your posts are very confusing.

    You clearly are a neo-conservative, as shown by you comments on Obama.

    In British and live in England. Ive been a lot to the US. But you blinkered view that the US is perfect and being born there is like winning the lottery, made me gasp.

    You cant even look after your poor there. You have no proper healthcare, if you cannot afford the insurance you die basically.

    In England, we are a top performing capitalist economy. And we also believe that people have a right, wherever theu come from, to healthcare.

    So we choose to do that. You americans alsways make the mistake of seeing it as socialism, but it isnt its the right and decent thing to do.

    A country that is a trillion dollar economy (like the US and the UK), who chooses to let people who are poor and in many cases from ethnic minorities starve and not have access to medical help if you happen to be poor or disadvantaged is neither moral or decent.

    For the poor in your country, its not “Winning the Lottery”, its choosing the short straw.

    Trust me, in England we have LAWS against discrimination and racism. And we choose to spend our huge wealth on healthcare for all. Other great nations also do, like Sweden. THAT Marie, is winning the lottery.

  17. Marie says:

    Thank you “Mr. Cherokee” with all that information. I tried to look at some of the information on goggle… very valuable, thank you.

    This is from Marie…the engineer, Hispanic, mother and proud naturalized citizen of the best country in the planet to “Mr. Ldopas”

    Let me define poor for you in the USA…

    I own a mid sized apartment building. In what we will call here in the USA a kind of disadvantage area in Los Angeles area….

    In the building I have 3 families that are so call in welfare… They receive welfare benefits from the US government… I believe for the past 30 years… as newer owners the government pays us almost ALL the rent $1985/mo the US (the people, the tax payers) and $75/mo the tenant the welfare recipient pays.

    These nice families that I have for sometime live in 3 to 4 bedroom apartments with 3 and 4 bathrooms each (1500 sqft to 1900 sqft townhouse style apartments). The families are in welfare because according to the US government they make below the poverty level here in the USA. Well, every time I inspect the apartments I have to pinch myself and shake my head…. why? Because those families have flat screen TV’s each with a value of 2 to 3 thousand dollars, they have computers, newer furniture and more. They have new cars and some of them use one of the bedrooms as a gym. A gym? Do you have enough room to have a gym in your “flat” or apartment Sir? We don’t. My husband and I don’t.

    I, say that in the USA they treat the poor pretty good.

    I, however went to college, took a second mortgaged in our home to buy the property a while back and work my butt to make sure that the building where my tenants live is always in excellent condition. Meanwhile, my husband a Caucasian and I a Hispanic drive cars that are eight and 12 years old each and barely make enough money to pay both mortgages and try to do our best to save enough money to send our kids to the best private school in the area so, their lives are better than ours. Basically, all we do is to try to make enough money to be able to give our kids the best education …. better than what my husband and I had.

    Do I feel sorry for us? No. Actually, I am very proud of us if you knew where I came from originally … Do I feel bad about my tenants in welfare? No. So, you see Sir, even the poor here in the USA is wealthy in comparison to probably the poor in your country. I know that they are very wealthy in comparison to mine.

    I still say that in the USA… they treat the poor pretty good regardless of the race.

    Once in a while I wish if the government will take care of us and our children but, that sir will go against everything I believe and what we are trying to teach our children.

    So, I still know that if you are born in his country you basically have stamped on your forehead.. “You, just won the lottery… now make the best out of your life…”

    Sir, with all your respect I have never met an European black red or blue nor someone from a third world country like mine that have will say nice thing about the USA. I believe that is call jealousy or just plain being envious.

    Somehow this country the USA still year after year managed to get nearly half a million people enter our borders and never leave … myself included. Not bad for a so call “racist country”. Some of those people even die trying to enter this country…

    Last time I checked I don’t remember reading that thousands and even millions died year after year trying to enter England with hopes of never returning to their home land. You are still a small island? right?

    And yes, sir I am a conservative but that came after having a very loving but very, very strict parents where whining was not an option. That there is right and there is wrong. That there is black and that there is white and I don’t mean color of the skin. There are not grey areas.

    At last Obama is a socialist. I was born a raised in a socialist country. I know a socialist when I see it a mile away. Americans ran away from socialism 250 years ago when they came to the new world.

    Read about Venezuela and see what socialism can do to a country under a leader with socialist views and believes.

    I can go around in circles… I am getting dizzy with this topic. I am neither a journalist nor a professional writer. I am just a middle age retired engineer with two kids…that when she hears blacks or Hispanics or other so, call minorities or foreignness whine …it makes my blood boils. Now, if you have remarks, comments or information like “Mr. Cherokee” … I would love to read them, because as a good conservative I, run on facts not on emotions.

    At last, racism to me is and always will be …an excuse….at the end of the day it is a completely waste of time and emotions. You do not need the “white man” to make you feel good or to make you successful…I know that in this country the great USA …all you need is you, your education and/or the desired to succeed.

    One more thing… even after Mr. Colin Powel came out on support of Mr. Obama … we conservatives still love and respect Mr. Powell. I know that my husband and I wish if he, Mr. Powell himself run for higher office. We will be the first in line to elect him.

  18. ldopas says:

    “This is from Marie…the engineer, Hispanic, mother and proud naturalized citizen of the best country in the planet to “Mr. Ldopas””

    Define best?

    You dont have a national health service, the poor die if they dont have insurance.

    You have primary poverty, especially on the borders with mexico.

    You have a large majority of people who still believe in an ancient god and think dinosaurs lived with man and the earth is one a coupla thousand years old.

    Your knowledge of the world you live in is atrocious and generally ends at your coastline. Yet are happy to comment on how crap everyone else is and start illegal wars.

    You have 50% women, yet have never elected a woman President for hundreds of years.

    Ive been many times to the US, and lady I know it better than you it seems.

    Come over to europe and learn a bit about the world. See europe for most americans is caricatured as needing the US and socialist. When it actually, certainly the west of europe is a number of massively wealthy progressive nations.

    People dont die of ill health because they cant afford a doctor in my country, people know about the planet, there is no primary poverty in my country. Yet my country is a top 5 economy and continues to grow and prosper. (The UK).

    You may be the most powerful and wealth (but then your country is massive), but the best. No.

    As I said, come over, travel and learn. Not a natural thing for 90% of americans who prefer their view of the world dictated by South Park and Sesame Street I know.

  19. ldopas says:

    “Last time I checked I don’t remember reading that thousands and even millions died year after year trying to enter England with hopes of never returning to their home land. You are still a small island? right?”

    You are joking right?

    This just shows the ignorance of the average american.

    The UK has huge immigration problems. Primarily from Africa, Europe and Asia.

    The reason. Because of our ecomony, welfare backup and freedom.

    If you havent read the statistics, issues and scores of deaths on road, trains and primaril sea of people trying to get on these shores. Then that is down to your ignorance, not the facts.

    The issue is so acute, that we and the Frnech now work together to try and stop people using the Channel and the Channel tunnel to get in.

    I suggest you read a bit more and learn about these thing.

    In the US case, you have Mexico below you. A very poor nation. no wonder they try to enter the US. And entry is by walking over a huge lande border. Easy.

    People have to get over the Sea to get to us, and they do!

    Why, because they want to be British.

  20. Me says:

    Anyone who says the US is the most racist nation in the world is and uneducated fact ignoring moron. I’ve been to 40 countries and only ONE has the same look as the US (various ethnicities walking the street), and Obama has now beat a bunch of white men and one white woman to get nominated for President ,and another white guy to win. Are there idiot racists – absolutely, they are EVERYWHERE. But America is one of the LEAST racist countries in the world, and if you disagree, tell me how many other countries look and act how we do – from your personal experience. Signed, one very happy black (not African American) American.

  21. ldopas says:

    To Me (interesting you wouldnt give at least an alias)!

    I never said that the US was more racist than any other nation. It was your own US article here that said that.

    However your point is idiotic (to be rude like you were). Youve been to 40 countries (which ones) and none look like the US with various ethnicities walking down the street).

    That is because every country is different. Duh. BUT your country more than most of the others you’ve visited, is populated by a microcosm of the world.

    When you beat down the Indians and put them in reservations, the country flooded with all sorts of people from everywhere. Including a lot of black people many brought shamefully as slaves.

    So the population has a high content of different ethnicities. Its totally moronic (your word again), to compare this with other countries, like say Germany who have existed for centuries as a primarily white country with limited immigration.

    To say that proves the US is less racist is ludicrous. Its only a short time span that black people were segregated and being lynched (that never happened in England, my country by the way).

    Your comparison is like comparing a fish and a bicycle. Totally ludicrous.

    And Im glad you can describe yourself as american first and african-american second. Thats good. But I note that you still had to point out your skin colour. I, for example, never sign myself a “happy white man”.

    So obviously skin colour still has a significance for you.

  22. Marie says:

    “The most “racist” country on the planet is one of the most diverse–GO FIGURE!”

    Well, not bad for being call the worst country in the world and the most racist in the world.

    We just elected the next most powerful man in the world and he is half black with non-christian heritage (muslim dad and non-christian mother).

    I never supported Mr. Obama because of his associations and his socialist speeches and beleives. Coming from a country that is going down the toilet in South America I run from any socialism ideas and believes. Socialism does not work.

    However, I wish the next president of the United States Mr. Obama, his family and his administration the best and hope that what ever he does from this day forward is for the good of the country. The greatest country on the planet …the country that has been succesful for nearly 250 years.

    At last, I hope that the “racist” factor is finally taking out of the table in schools, jobs and so forth with affirmative action. We do not need our taxes going to race base organizations.

    Young and middle age black men. Get over this topic and tell you kids, nices and nephews what most people tell their children here in the USA: Study hard, go to school, graduate and you too can be president. You do not need Mr. Obama to tell you that and you do not need a president or politician as a role model. All you need is to work hard, study and believe in yourslef.

  23. BlackMetal says:

    I do believe that America has faced a lot of racist problems, but it is not to generalize. And to Marie, How can you really guarantee that america is the best country in the planet? that is generalizing too. some of THE BEST opportunities are outside of America like in Europe, a few asian universities, and, Yes, even in our precious Latin America ( i am hispanic too). America doesn’t guarantuees opportunities for everyone and therefore it shoudn’t be considered the DEFINITE best place to go.

  24. Marie says:

    Engineers are not known for being the best at writing…couple with my old iPad.

    Totally not related but if a Venezuelan try to come back denying what I said about Venezuela a good percentage is that they are probably “chavista” “red shirt” or pro the current Marxist socialist pseudo dictatorship government (that includes recent Cubans in Venezuela). They are the only ones benefiting from the dictatorship…”the red shirts”.

  25. Marie says:

    Hey! mr blackinformant why did you edited my post from yesterday 7/221/15? I was waiting for review? I was checking out your website again and saw that this post still going on for nearly 7 years.

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