The effects of the junk food invasion

Posted: September 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

BARCELONA (Reuters) – With its mountains of ripe tomatoes, red peppers, fresh fruit and glistening fish, Barcelona’s world-famous La Boqueria market is a celebration of healthy eating.

For centuries its produce has helped underpin a record of healthy hearts, giving Spain’s northern region of Catalonia one of the lowest rates of heart attacks to be found anywhere in Europe.

But doctors meeting here for the World Congress of Cardiology warn that traditional Mediterranean-style diets — rich in vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil but sparing in meat — are under siege from junk food.

Across Spain, as well as Italy and Greece, the story is the same, as young people increasingly turn away from old-style family meals in favor of burgers and fries.

“The Mediterranean diet is changing,” Dr Ramon Estruch of the University of Barcelona told Reuters.

“Young people are not eating well today — obesity is increasing and we are losing our diet. We need to return to the classical patterns of Mediterranean diet that we had in the 1960s and 1970s.”  (more…)


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  1. DMG says:

    This is true. I was in Barcelona last October/November. What were the first things I saw when I came out of the subway from the airport onto Placa Catalunya? Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, and Burger King. I thought great, we are exporting our fat ass culture around the world. But of course I believe McDonalds also has more stores in Berlin than it does in Chicago (near where it was founded). Sad. But, Europeans still walk more and get ALOT more physical activity than Americans, so hopefully the effects won’t be as severe as here. Maybe the European Union should ban American fast food restaurants.

  2. christine lynneth says:

    it is too hard ,if the whole world will expreience this kind of happenings

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