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Recently, a video featuring a very effeminate Black man putting on a complete performance for a local news crew has not only swept the internet, but has become the most watched YouTube video in a matter of days. (more…)


Why the Auto Bailout Would Be a Big Mistake

John Stossel on Why the Big Three Don’t Deserve a Taxpayer Bailout


“But wait a second, those jobs wouldn’t necessarily be lost. Bankruptcy isn’t death. Kmart didn’t disappear when it went bankrupt. Neither did Fruit of the Loom, Texaco, Continental Airlines, Delta, or United.

They were reorganized into more efficient, sustainable businesses. Out of this creative destruction new jobs emerged.

Toyota isn’t asking for a bailout. Neither are Honda or Nissan. Yet, they all sell and build cars in America. In fact, while the Big Three were begging for your money, workers at Honda celebrated the first cars coming off their new assembly line in Indiana.

Why can Honda do it, when the Big Three can’t? Well, Gettelfinger’s union is one reason. The Big Three have to deal with strikes.

The UAW even got the Big Three to create places where longtime workers who are not needed are still paid 95 percent of their wages to just sit. They wouldn’t allow us to videotape these so-called jobs banks, but Linda Swan saw them when she worked for Ford.

“For the most part our people just sit inside and do nothing,” she said. ”


“Tens if not hundreds of thousands of jobs would be lost in the auto industry itself,” said U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.

But wait a second, those jobs wouldn’t necessarily be lost. Bankruptcy isn’t death. Kmart didn’t disappear when it went bankrupt. Neither did Fruit of the Loom, Texaco, Continental Airlines, Delta, or United.

They were reorganized into more efficient, sustainable businesses. Out of this creative destruction new jobs emerged. (more…)

And look who is pushing for the bailout?

Jesse Jackson plans rallies to support automakers

DETROIT: The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Friday he will organize rallies in several cities to urge Congress to grant aid to the struggling U.S. automakers.

“It’s time to go back to the streets for some action,” Jackson said after a press conference with minority suppliers and dealers. “We need to show the wealth and depth of pain. It’s not the Big Three execs, it’s the big 4 million jobs.” (more…)

aidsdgr1I tell ya’, the sheer stupidity of covering up the obvious so that nobody’s wittle feelings won’t get hurt is about the most destructive thing I have seen in my lifetime.

Report: Gay/bisexual men still bear brunt of AIDS

BOSTON – (AP) Gay and bisexual men in Massachusetts continue to be the hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic with a significant percentage of new cases appearing among minority men.

That’s according to a new report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that found while the state has had success battling the disease among injection drug users and heterosexual men and women, it has had less success among gay and bisexual men. (more…)

As I eluded to earlier, the number one problem I see with this whole AIDS “crisis” is that folks are too afraid to spell out exactly why this disease has been hovering primarily over the homosexual community for as long as we can remember.

While it is very true that the heterosexual community is guilty of engaging in risky sexual behavior beyond not using a condom, vaginal intercourse still remains the primary form of sex between males and females. Like all forms of sex, vaginal does have its risks. However, those risks are drastically reduced when a condom is used. So at this point, the natural question one would ask is “What are some of the common forms of sexual intercourse within the homosexual community?”

By the very nature of their chosen lifestyle, homosexuals do not engage in vaginal sex. Instead, they are left to rely more on much riskier sexual behaviors where even all the condoms in the world would be ineffective in providing protection against diseases such as AIDS. Here are just a few of those sexual acts that are common within the homosexual community.

Anal Sex (Risks involved)
Oral Sex (Risks involved)
Rimming, Fecal sex, Oral-Anal (Risks involved)
Fisting (read all about it here)

I’ll say it for the second time: While these acts are not exclusive to homosexuals, they are very common forms of intercourse within the homosexual community. We can talk all day about how government needs to do more to fight against AIDS. But as you can see from the list above, these individuals are placing themselves at such a greater risk for other diseases and permanent body damage.

British researcher R. R. Willcox had this to say in his article entitled “Sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted disease patterns in male homosexuals

“Male homosexual behaviour is not simply either ‘active’ or ‘passive,’ since penile-anal, mouth-penile, and hand-anal sexual contact is usual for both partners, and mouth-anal contact is not infrequent. . . . Mouth-anal contact is the reason for the relatively high incidence of diseases caused by bowel pathogens in male homosexuals. Trauma may encourage the entry of micro-organisms and thus lead to primary syphilitic lesions occurring in the anogenital area. . . . In addition to sodomy, trauma may be caused by foreign bodies, including stimulators of various kinds, penile adornments, and prostheses.”

As uncomfortable as it may be for some people, I think it is high time we begin to act like adults and talk about the real causes behind this disease instead of hiding behind endless marches, programs and t-shirts.

Yes, people infected with AIDS need help. But we are not helping them if folks are not willing to start off the road to recovery with plain ol’ truth.


More of what I wanted to say earlier.

AIDS is not some big and mysterious cloud that randomly hovers over certain populations while infecting people at will. Instead, this is a disease that is spread primarily through the type of risky sexual practices that are a common part of the homosexual lifestyle. If segments of the homosexual community have the bravado to organize and attack supporters of Prop 8 until they get their way, then likewise they can calmly sit down and figure out why despite all warnings regarding AIDS, risky sexual behavor is STILL a normal practice in their chosen lifestyle.

I feel a part 2 to this post brewing in me right now. Specifically, I want to deal with how African women and children have been used by mainstream media as the “offical face” of AIDS. While sex is still a primary vehicle for the AIDS virus in Africa, the behaviors are quite different and not to be confused with the willing sexual behaviors here in the West. Stay tuned.

“To send a message of urgency about the state of black Milwaukee, I don’t think it takes a legion of black leaders lined up behind microphones as much as it requires work behind the scenes to stabilize more households and develop better parents. Most people I know realize when someone is considered “ghetto,” that’s mainly a reflection on how they were raised up to that point.” (from his recent column “Most city residents don’t approve of ‘ghetto’ behavior“)

Repackaging Success

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Commentary

While on one of my evening walks recently, the following thought came to mind.

“If doing security rounds at 2 AM in 16 degree weather doesn’t provoke you to find a way to move ahead in life, nothing will.”

I was reflecting on my time working as a security guard some years ago while living in the Denver area. I hate cold weather–especially when I am sleepy. But hey, bills had to be paid and I just worked it. Then I also had this other memory flashback of my years in middle and high school.

“Anytime I missed the bus, I would make it a point to do all I could to catch it before telling my mom I missed it. I can remember the days hearing the roar of the bus engine just as I was rounding the last corner of my walk to the bus stop. The initial feeling of helplessness would eventually turn into determination as I slowly convinced myself I could catch the bus at a stop roughly 2 miles away. So there I was with book bag, lunch box and coat in tow running like I stole something down various streets until I reached the next stop. Yes I was hot, sweaty and ashy at the same time from the cold wind beating against my skin. But in most cases I made it. Yes, there were times were I missed it at this second stop as well. But fortunately it always seemed that this happened on the same day my friend missed the bus as well. With her mom sitting in the car, I was able to hitch a ride to school with them. Little did I know at the time I was learning a life lesson that has stuck with me for all these years.”

I find it both amusing and sad anytime I read someone’s 10-20 point plan on how others can help themselves. This is especially true when talking about Black folks who for numbers of reasons have lingered just below the middle class sector. Many of us who are in the middle class know good and well that moving ahead in this country — especially in these last few decades — has boiled down to both the choice and determination of the individual. Yet in order to avoid being perceived as an uppity brute who has no compassion for the less fortunate, we point to the lack of programs and handouts as the culprit for this group of individuals. What is worth noting here is that the same folks who are forever marginalizing poor Black folks to the success and failures of government intervention are the very folks who did not need government intervention to come out of their own challenging backgrounds. So why then do we feel the need to shackle the fate of poor Blacks in this country to the whims of Washington?

Please hear me on this. I am not suggesting that every government-sponsored social program needs to be axed. If it works, keep it. But any 12-step program is dependent on one thing: Participants who have made the decision to change. There is no program out there that can make people want to do better for themselves. That has to come from the individual. If that individual refuses to make that decision for themselves, then I feel no obligation to cover for them in an effort paint myself as ‘non-uppity’. That’s really what if comes down to for most people. They want to be on record as one who defends the less fortunate. Little do they realize that oftentimes their defense is what is keeping many of these folks down in the first place.

There is no secret formula to success. Yes our people had to go through slavery, Jim Crow and other forms of segregation. But those vices did not stop our people in those days from maintaining strong families, striving for excellence and holding each other to that same standard. Why some people today feel the need to expect less from our less fortunate bruthas and sistahs is beyond me. If expecting no more than you do for yourself from others makes one uppity, then oh well.

Shay posted the the following article on her blog this morning. I’ll just clip part of it.


Brilliance, articulation, class and poise is in! Ignorance, self-hatred and buffoonery is out!

Barack Obama’s education, intelligence and class put him on the path to the White House and now he’s President of the United States.


Flavor Of Love, I Love New York and the Real Housewives Of Atlanta are disgraceful and depict blacks in stereotypical buffoon type roles. Yet, these shows score the highest ratings in black households . Will their ever be a reality show depicting intelligent and educated blacks? Please stop supporting this type of ignorance because it’s a new day.

We need to stop idolizing and embracing this type of coonery. Instead of calling successful blacks sell-outs and white orientated, we need to ask them, what is the secret to success? And then we need to emulate them. Members of the super elite Boule include: Bill Cosby, Bryant Gumbel, Earl Graves, Vernon Jordan, the late Arthur Ashe and John H. Johnson yet this successful organization has been called Uncle Tomish, why? Because every black member is a millionaire? Why are we the only race that slams success but embrace underachievement.

Instead of idolizing male and female rappers and professional athletes, we should be idolizing Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson,Vernon Jordan, Cathy Hughes, Sylvia Rhone and Hill Harper. All of these people are intelligent millionaires and billionaires who walk the walk and talk the talk. (source)

I can’t begin to tell you just how tired I get hearing folks whine about the so-called lack of “positive” Black representation on television. It is as if their television is stuck on one channel that constantly plays gangsta videos back to back. I did a post about this not too long ago that showed how Blacks have been thriving in roles that did not fit these negative stereotypes. Here is an excerpt from a comment I made on that post.

MTV puts out 2 movies called Jackass (I and II) and folks dismiss it as stupid comedy. BET throws out there a few raunchy music videos and all of a sudden folks are shaking in their boots that Whitey might get the wrong impression about all Black folks.

Yep. That’s called “Mental Slavery”.

I was telling my wife the other day that I believe folks who constantly whine and moan over the so-called lack of “positive” Black representation on television are simply consumed about what White folks think about Blacks in general. When you listen to their rhetoric, what is the one example they ALWAYS use to make their case? Music videos. While music videos are very popular with our youth, they hardly make up a lion share of the offerings out there in the entertainment industry. These folks will NEVER mention or give props to independent Black filmmakers who have been putting out all types of great movies that go beyond the typical stereotypes that are out there. Same goes for independent music artists who continue the tradition of good ol’ skool music that does not portray women as hoes. BET Networks has been highlighting such creative talents for a while now. Other venues out there have been doing it as well. You just have to decide to seek them out, support and help promote them instead of waiting for White executives in the entertainment industry to do it for you.

As far as the author’s claim that now all of a sudden “Ignorance is out”, keep dreaming. I get the excitement over Obama being our first Black President, but Puhleeze, that is not going to change the viewing or listening habits of those who like what they like.

It is okay to be inspired, but for goodness sakes–be yourself!

“Brilliance, articulation, class and poise is in!”

Those qualities have NEVER been ‘out’ in the first place. YOU–not White television executives, movie producers, Hollywood big wigs, government, etc. have to convince you fellow brethern that these qualities are worth striving for. That’s the hard part. Expecting people of great influence to do it while ever raising the bar of expectancy for them is too easy.

As a Black man, seeing the picture of a Black first family can be very moving. However, I can say the same thing for the brotha who lives around the corner from me who is fathering a couple of teenagers that are not his, yet he treats them as his own.

History: Accomplished

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Commentary, Politics

This generation of Black Americans has finally reached the pinnacle of American history by taking part in the election of this nation’s first Black president. What used to be thought of the impossible has now become the possible.

Throughout his campaign, President-elect Barack Obama presented to America a message of hope that not only resonated with Blacks, but people of all races and backgrounds. The historical irony of Obama’s victory is that was largely carried on the backs of those who have been deemed innately racist: Whites.

While his victory does not eradicate racism in our society, it certainly destroys the notion that Blacks in this country are doomed to life under an eternal transparent brick ceiling. Rest assured, there will be many that will still try to make this case. But sooner or later the reality of this moment will force them to take pause.

As a Black man with very strong conservative leanings, I have been in a very interesting position during this campaign. While I have always imagined and hoped for the day a Black man or woman would occupy the big chair in the White House, I could not bring myself to supporting Obama for a number of reasons–none of which had ANYTHING to do with his race. Two choices sat before me: Stick to the issues I value or exchange my values for a historical moment. I chose the former and have not regretted it one moment. To the simple minded, in their view this put me at odds with ‘black progress’. As a result, I have been assigned nicknames like “Uncle Tom“, “Sellout” and “Race hater” by this bunch for what seemed to them as a Black man blocking the entry doors of history. This is something I have learned long ago to simply take in stride and use it to solidify my stance on the issues. Allow me to tell you a quick story.

Last night I get a call from a friend of mine who is a die hard supporter of Obama. At least a couple of times I have tried to make the case to him about how Obama’s stated tax policies will do more harm than good for our economy. His stance has been identical to Obama’s: We need to spread the wealth. Well lo and behold the reason for his call was to find out from us (my wife and I) ways he could get his property taxes reduced. All I could do was smile and shake my head. We simply gave him the info he needed and moved on. Apparently, the glow of the historical moment was already fading.

As far as our family goes, we are not making any plans on leaving the country in disgust of America’s choice to further explore socialism. Nor am I making any plans on shutting down this website (why would I?). This is still the country I love and Obama will be my next President. While I disagree with Obama on many issues, he is part of my history. And for that, I salute my next President.