Youtube Videos

Below you will find a growing selection of Youtube videos selected by Please check back regularly as this collection is still growing. To view the playlist, click on the button with 3 boxes (next to the play button) and a pop up scroll of videos will appear. Just mouse over each one to see the description. To view, just click on the video and enjoy.

**CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE BLACKINFORMANT.COM YOUTUBE PAGE. There you will find many of the same videos listed by category**

(Please note: The views expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect that of


Google Videos

Unlike Youtube, users are not given the embedded tool that allows me to list multiple videos as above. So for now, I will select a video from Google and change it from time to time.

AAHMI – African American Trends and Consequences Administration for Children and Families

1 hr 28 min 42 sec – Jan 29, 2007

Other video sites – Out of Control: The AIDS Epidemic in Black America – Hip hop videos [link] – Video service that is popular with our soldiers [link]

  1. Rudy Barbee says:

    Thanks for your insight and providing an avenue for expression and thought sharing. NOTE —

    Summer news Part I:
    See the “Summer Institute” link to

    Summer news Part II:
    The video features Locke students Joseph Sherlock and Travon Lewis

    December News:

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