Who are you?

Husband, father and son.

Looking back in my early teen years, the two things that always fascinated me were current events and Black history. Whenever I found an article or magazine that I found to be interesting to me, I would save it. In fact, if you were to look through my garage, you are bound to find news clippings that I have saved over the years. As far as Black history goes, I loved to watch documentaries and listen to older people who endured the days of Jim Crow. Their stories never bored me as I would always find myself at the edge of my seat listening to them. As the saying goes, “History always repeats itself”, I always found myself wanting to learn from the past so that I can apply the successes while avoiding the same mistakes. This website is just a continuation of a passion birthed from childhood.

>Born in Philadelphia, PA, raised in South Jersey. Lived in Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Denver area, and several areas within Southern California.

>Worked in the IT field for roughly 14 years until 9/11. From that point on, life became VERY interesting :).

>Currently self-employed and I home school our kids.

What is your political persuasion?

While I am registered as an Independent (or decline to state voter as it is defined in California), I tend to favor many of the core beliefs of the Conservative movement as it relates to family, personal responsibility and entrepreneurship.

>I am staunchly against the Faith-Based Initiative which awards churches and other religious organizations tax-payer money to do what they should be doing on their own in the first place.

>When I first became eligible to vote, I used to vote a straight Republican ticket. But as I became older, I became aware of the importance of looking at each potential candidate individually. As a result, my voting history has also included Democrats and third parties. In the past two elections, I would say that 85-95% of my ticket went to Independents and/or third party members and the remaining went to Republicans. The next general election in 2008, I anticipate Republicans will have no part on my ticket due to the current direction of the party.

Who is the one person you would say that has inspired you the most?

My Dad. I wrote about him here.

Is this website affiliated with any political organization?

No. And by the grace of God, it will never be!

Do you get paid to work on this site?

I wish 🙂

Have you ever considered writing a book?

Yes I have. Perhaps one day when the timing is right, I will.

Have you ever considered doing a podcast with this site?

Yes I have. Check out the Podcast link above.

Do you conduct interviews?

Yes. Again, check out the Podcast.

How many people do you have on your staff?

When they come in from their extended leave, please let me know because I have never seen them. Kiddin’ aside, I am the main contributor to this site. It is my hope that one day others would be willing to become regular contributors to this site. Consider this an open invitation (subject to approval).

How do I contact blackinformant.com?

You have one of two ways:

e-mail: duane-AT-blackinformant.com

or just use the Contact tab

I have a business and I would like to advertise on this site. Could you provide rate information?

As of right now, advertising for this site is on a complementary basis. In other words, I will gladly post information about your business just as long as you will reciprocate the favor by either posting a link to blackinformant.com on your site or other negotiable options.

So you accept political advertisments?

The short answer to this is NO as I have turned down ads from both parties in the past. However, if a canidate (regardless of party) is willing to be interviewed by me ( a tax-paying, hard working, everyday man) on the issues he/she claims to represent, I may consider it.

Do you do book reviews?

Sure. Just contact me by either of the sources above to work out the details.

On The Issues

What are your views on public education?

For starters, nowhere in the US Constitution is there an allocation for our tax dollars to fund such an entity. I see public education as just a benefit of living in this country, and like all benefits they can easily be taken away as long as they are not guaranteed.

On the other hand, with a country as rich as the United States, there should be no reason why children of all races should have access to the same level of education that at one time in our history was unmatched by any country in the world.

What I am against are politicians, activists, and teacher unions who use poor kids as a prop to convince hard working taxpayers to continue to dump millions of dollars year after year into a system that has a well documented history of producing sub-standard results. Public schools that have a proven track record of successfully preparing our children for college should continue to exist. On the other hand, schools that have proven that they are nothing more than a taxpayer’s nightmare due to poor management and administration should be closed immediately.

Unfortunately, there has not been enough attention on the sliding trend of public school systems on the part of black American Media and politicians. Many of these entities and individuals have historical ties to teacher unions so they would not dare inform black Americans the other side of story that tells us why many of OUR schools have gone under funded for years. This is why I have chosen to dedicate a column on this site called “The Education Report“. Here you will read all the latest headlines and commentaries from all over the nation that prove my point that black Americans have not been given the whole story when it comes to the public school system.

People should have the right to educate their children as they see fit. That means home schooling and private schools should be available options for any parent who wants to increase the chances of life success for their child.

Affirmative Action

While I agree that AA was a much needed vehicle to bridge us away from Jim Crow, I agree with Whitney Young (founder of the National Urban League) that it should not be adopted as a eterntal crutch in a society that has drastically changed since those days.

Whitney Young, the founder of the Urban League, was one of the first blacks to push for an affirmative action plan. In Ending Affirmative Action, writer Terry Eastland says that Young called for a “compensatory, preferential Marshall Plan for black America.” In 1963, Young urged a “decade” of preferences to level the playing field. A decade! That would have ended affirmative action in 1973! Young’s board of directors, however, revolted. The president of the Urban League in Pittsburgh said the demand for affirmative action would cause the public to quite properly ask, ‘What the blazes are these guys up to? They tell us that for years that we must buy [non-discrimination] and then they say, ‘It isn’t what we want.’ A member of the Urban League in New York objected to what he called ‘the heart of it –the business of employing Negroes [because they are Negroes].’

From the book by Larry Elder The Ten Things you Can’t Say in America.

I also fee that AA in a way plays on White guilt– convincing us that Blacks are incapable of doing anything for themselves unless Whites intervene. I view this as an insult because our history is filled with examples where Blacks excelled in industry, education and community building without such programs. We are a strong and capable people. We just have to convince ourselves of that fact.

More faq’s coming!

  1. thebenevolentdictator says:

    Your blog is very interesting- thanks for the good reads.

    I came across it when one of your posts came up on the bottom of one of mine as a “similar post.” I always think that it’s interesting to read what other liked minded Independents think…

    Listening to a politician on NPR yesterday stating that “you can’t lead from the middle”, it seemed to me that, like so many political figures, he was missing the boat…

    I’ve found Independents to be the most informed voters out there because we take the time to research the issues instead of relying on some political party to tell us what to think.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Scotti says:

    So glad to find your site! Will visit again soon.

  3. Marcie S. says:

    I like what you have to say, I’ll be back and I’m going to recommend it to a couple of guys who I really love for their views on things.
    Myles Smith, has dubyavu.wordpress.com and Dave Black Sr. has Conservativepatriot.wordpress.com.

    They are both good, but Myles says things that will make you laugh and really think! Dave gets really deep and (sometimes) boring. But he writes stuff that goes to the very core of his subject.

    But like I said: I really like what you have to say.

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