More buried history: Black slave owners in the US

Posted: February 28, 2005 in Uncategorized

A very interesting read!!


In many instances, free black slave owners shared a similar view of slavery with their white counterparts. Slave owners of both races occasionally manumitted a trusted servant and in the same moment requested the sale of another slave. The act of freeing one or several slaves while others remained in bondage did not constitute a firm commitment against slavery, but a personal view which acknowledged that some slaves, through merit or hard work, deserved their freedom, while others were destined to be slaves until death. So when philanthropic free blacks purchased slaves and then emancipated them, they were not always paternalistic owners as Carter G. Woodson suggested.

For example, Richard Holloway, Sr., a free black of Charleston City, bought a slave named Charles Benford in order that the slave might enjoy his freedom. Yet at the same time, he owned other slaves who were not treated so kindly. In 1834, for instance, he purchased a Negro woman named Sarah and her two children, Annett and Edward, from Susan B. Robertson for $575. Within three years after the purchase, he apparently became dissatisfied with the slave family and sold them for $945. Even though Richard Holloway, Sr., allowed a trusted servant to enjoy a greater degree of freedom, he was still a slaveowner for profit. So he sold and purchased slaves as an investment even while he held other slaves for benevolent reasons. To consider him a benevolent master would be erroneous because he also exploited other slaves for his own benefit. (more…)

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You will be somewhat hard-pressed to find this particular historical fact listed on the Internet, or in most of our schools.

  1. Ric Landers says:

    Sure, and even more bizarre are the black slave owners who attempted to join the Confederacy.

    This happened near New Orleans, I believe. These idiots wanted to form their on fighting unit and actually began training. And Jeff Davis actually considered it for a while then thought the wiser.


    Black Bloggers Assn.





  3. Michael says:

    It has been pretty well established that over 65,000 free blacks joined the Confederate Army and Navy with 13,000 soldiers and 1,650 sailors actually being in combat against the North. Black historians Evrin Jordan and Edward Smith have published books on this. Even the National Park Service now acknowledges this suppressed history. Interestingly, it was accepted fact until about 1910—there were monuments to Black Confederate veterans built,there were Black Confederate Veterans groups,and Black Confederate veterans received pensions. Then starting about 1910 things began to change such as the word “soldier” being crossed out on their records and “teamster” written in. In spite of this there are several groups of Black Confederate Civil War re-enactors active in southern states.

  4. kim mealy says:


  5. Mare says:

    I would suggest all blacks to get a life. I’m so sick and tired of their whining. I’m white…my family came here from Holland. My Grandmother was raised in a dug out. An uncle and many relatives of mine, were raised in dug outs and coyote dens, near Coy, Oklahoma.
    My family never owned slaves. Most of my family hadn’t even arrived, during slavery. And those who did, were too poor themselves to own slaves.
    I’m so sick and tired, because of the color of my skin, being blamed for their lack of education, their 75% illigitimacy rate, their crime stats, and their poverty.
    The white race has cow-towed to the blacks long enough. It’s time they take responsibility for themselves, stop blaming whites, for problems of their own choosing. No one helped my people. No government hand-outs for my folks, as there is today for the blacks, and all other races in America.
    Today, there are more opportunities out in the world, for blacks, than there are for whites. The blacks are on the “preferential list.”
    But, as long as the whites, keep on with their ridiculous feelings of guilt and sympathizing for something they had nothing to do with, the blacks will continue to take and take and take.
    And lest we forget…had it not been for the blacks in Africa, rounding up, and selling blacks to the whites…the whites would never have owned slaves, to begin with.
    And let’s also be reminded…had the blacks in Africa, and the whites in America not conspired to bring blacks to America, the blacks here today, would have never even been born, as the death rate for their ancestors, in Africa, was at a very young age.
    And also….need I remind all those, who can’t think for themselves…America, 150 years ago, ended slavery, with the ultimate sacrifice of 600,000 white men during the Civil War….while slavery today in Africa is still running rampant. It was the white man, who freed the slaves!!! Get it?!?!?
    So, I suggest all those blacks who are unhappy here in America…pack up and head for your beloved Africa…perhaps you’d be happier there.

  6. Duane says:

    Usually when I get comments like this I tend to ignore them simply because the commenter will not stick around to hear a response.

    If you are willing to stick around, I’ll respond.

  7. Dickyg says:

    Hello Mare

    You talk like a full fledge RACIST…The words you speak We’ve heard before..As a 2nd or 3rd generation Foreigner you ought to be ashamed of yourself..It is presumed that Foreigners, that come to the host Country have as sense of respect and admiration for its citizens,but it appears that you have brought your Racial hatred from Europe with yourself……Every word you speak is perhaps the most ignorant thing any racist one can say…

    Not all people of color are winers and lazy, Just like all
    Whites are not Racist …You seem to have this thing for stereotyping …If you don’t know it by now, it was the Black man and his Native American cousins that built this Country along with the White European, While your ancestors were away in Europe somewhere…

    It can be supposed that the so called lazy slaves worked day and night without pay or respect to carry the burden of Labor, Why do you suppose they were brought here….

    Not all The civil war soldiers were White..Native Americans and , over 200,000 thousand soldiers of color also served bravely and most , without pay or a War Started by White people for Economic gain

    When it comes to responsibility it seems to me that the lack of responsibility belongs to those Europeans who came here and willfully decimated a Race of people and stole their land only for their money and Gold…I cannot speak for the black man but I know that the Prisons hold a disproportinate number of the Blacks in Prisons as a result of Racial hatred and

    Lets get off this holy-er than though kick…It seems that those who have done the most harm to this North American continent and its’ Native people are the same bigots that seem to think that they are something special…You need to pick up some American History books and read the truth ..

    …I’m sick and tired of hearing these Racist Remarks form Foreigners that don’t belong here nor fit in…Maby you ought to go back to Europe from where you came and this Country will have one less bigot to listen too…….Dickyg

  8. beerrunner says:

    Dickyg, you are like all the rest of the whiners and fabricators of fact. But the one statement of yours I will bother to comment on is you silly statement thet there is a disspropotinate number of blacks in prison due to profileing and racism. No they out number whites in prison becuse they commit more crimes. Period notheing to do with anything else if you don’t believe me come out of la la land and take a walk through any city in America and see what col;or the person that robs you is.

  9. Kamandi says:

    I should like to remark that the 75% black illegitimacy statistic is HIGHLY misleading: that skyrocketing ratio was caused by a massive decline in the birth rate of black married couples. The birth rate for black single mothers is now the lowest it’s been since the 50’s.

    As the economic fortunes of the black community have risen since the Civil Rights era, black married couples have had fewer kids. Single parents are more likely to be poor.

    Kind of strange our Dutch friend hasn’t said anything about THAT.

  10. poof says:

    Both white and black and, well, basically all nationalities/races have been oppressed at one time or another, and heck, blacks still hold blacks in slavery in Africa today, and Arabs still hold whites (among others) in captivity in areas of the Middle East. Women from a large number of countries have been kidnapped and used for human trafficking purposes since early times and still are traded like cattle in some places even today…

    Facts are, yes, some black people ARE whiners, and some are not. Some white people are whiners, some are not. I am sick and tired of hearing, tho, the blacks who are disinterested in the future of society and must continue to live in the past but then try to blame everyone else for their own lack of fortune. Same could be said to those good ol’ boys who blame the blacks for all of their problems. You know, get a life.

    Whites don’t owe blacks anything. The same is true for whites / blacks don’t owe them jack. We’re all people, we’re all humans, we’ll all bleed if we prick our finger. Just certain people maintain that ignorance is bliss. Nuff said.

  11. Donna says:

    The only reason the birth rate for black women went down is because in some states they reformed welfare & they can’t get more money because they had another kid. See it like it is, & why don’t more black women get married, is it because there isn’t enough black men worth marring, or is the white women blamed for that. I heard white women take all the good black men, why do black men allow that.

  12. Lady Lucaze says:

    Duane, I’m going to be nice to you on this one … it was an interesting read. I relish the opportunity to soak up new facts.

  13. Israel Ysrayl says:

    From a Biblical stand point of view…Slavery and the plight of the black man was prophesied in the bible, however for those who do understand the word of the Most High , one would understand. The info is explained thoroughly in this website.
    for those who are interested in knowing the truth.

    There will never a politician or any other man to correct the problem that we presently have with the black people today. The only solution is the creator (The most HIGH).

  14. kim says:

    Abraham Lincoln was of black blood…..he knew it and others knew it too.


  15. i wish they taught that fact in our school system. i have written and called many people and cannot get a reply as to why it was not taught. however, my sons history teacher said “it is a sore topic for blacks” he should have also added it is sore for the whites that gave up everything to abolish slavery

  16. John says:

    Im so sick and tired of white folks making comments, and they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. They call blacks whiners, and some dumbasses even claim blacks have advantages?! That must be the most ignorant thing I’ve heard. First of all, forget slavery, the civil rights era was only 40 years ago. Blacks people, only 40 years ago, were being chased by dogs, sprayed with fire hoses, kept out of economic affluence, and given un-even oppurtunities; only 40 years ago. Now, the same people who lived during this era are still alive, and just as racist now as they were back then. Just because blacks obtained the right to vote and segregation ended everything is supposed to be all okie-dokie now? Only an idiot would think that. You can’t just poof and rise out of poverty. The ghetto is a continuous cycle. One is surrounded by lack of motivation, and lack of influence, therefore it affects them, causing them to have the same flawed mindset. And the so called advantages blacks have? Affirmative action? Companies/colleges only have to fulfill a certain quota of black people. After that quota is filled, you think they’re still gonna higher/enroll blacks? No. Besides that, what advantage is there to being profiled by cops on a daily basis? What about being followed around in a store? What about being seen as inferior and unintelligent simply because of your race? Is that an advantage?
    And all these dumbass immigrants saying “Well my family moved here, and we didn’t have much, and now we are doing just fine, so stop complaining”. Let you all go through what blacks in America had to go through, and then get back at me with that bullshit. As far as I’m concerned, slavery ended in 1960, b/c blacks were still tortured and hung and killed without justice up until then. And don’t gimme that, “Well go back to Africa” bullshit because whites destroyed that too, and there is no question about that one.

    P.S. I’m upper middle class black, I’m not poor, so I’m not giving some excuse as to why I failed in life. I’m just stating some facts that white people hate to hear.

  17. mark says:

    U.S courts documents Of all out of all the africans brought to the Amercias only 5.7% hit the U.S. the rest went to south Amercia Before slavery The free blacks, germans, and irish paid for there crossing by becomeing indentured servants. The servant was obligated to pay for their passage by working it off as a servant.This explains the “how” there were free blacks way before the civil war. Once the passage is paid you are free. Anthony Johnson ( Antonio Negro) was one of the orginial 20 Afrcians brought to Jamestown. Anthony Jonson purchased his freedom for him and wife and son in 1651. he was prosperous enough to important 5 more “servants” of his own. He was granted by the courts 250 acers for “headrights” In 1654 Johson convienced the Virgina Northhampton courts that he was entiled to the lifetime service of John Casor (black man)a servant for life. Casor wanted a white man for a owner. The courts granted Anthony , (black man Casor) to be his “had ye negro for life” that was the FIRST slave in the state of Virgina. U.S. Census 1830, 3,775 free blacks owned 12,740 black slaves. ( Not relatives) 1860 free blacks owned 20,000 slaves. One black slave owner owned more that 100 slaves for his sugar plantion and was a breeder to sell them and did. I have court documents of information that would shock the blacks and whites alike. The real complete slave History. And how the blacks treated their slaves.

  18. Alonzo Lewis says:

    Al the Afriod,
    You might want to explain to Americans–and foreign whites–not that it wil make much of a difference–the overwhelming number of immigrants to this country were essentially a slave, an commody to satisfy the on-going business profits for the rich, “English-birthed” elitist and landed gentry, or the up-in-coming poor to be well-to-do merchants and inventors. Most who show busness or creativity rarely received proper credit or profit for such talents. That motley group of priveleged colonials, or later, nouveau rich, imposed a diabolical form of slavery, like ante bellum slavery, and forced poor white, Native American, Black, women, and Asian to an exploitation as virulent a practice as any where in history.
    Slavery essentially in is not only “free labor”, but the inability to work hard and unable to afford life’s nessities; that includes proper diet, liviable housing, safe and clean neighborhoods, education to mention a few. The conditions today cloak the real substance of slavery with now familiar terms: “Outsoursing”, “immigration”, “illiteracy”, and “unqualified”, and “ex-con” . All of the foremention designations subjet the normal worker to a substanderd existence, especially in this country.
    However, one very salient factor has been “cultivated” and maintained–the racial minority despite their longevity in America, has been traditionally, historically, relegated to the pits of this caste system since their encounter with or the arrival of the European. And, it has been even until today, a ongoing, but sophisticate practice. Overtly, “throwing a bone” to the downtrodden: emancipation, separate-but-equal segregation, American soldier, Social Security, desegregation of ’54, Civil Rights Law 1967, and now President Obama. Except for the last–I think, every bone was subsegently, and quickly, followed by a frostly fanged back-lash. Need I count the ways of the sordid response of so many democratic Americans in this matter, and don’t exclude the uninformed, more recent European immigrant who has been more able to camophlage into the power elite “skin color” of the Venus flytrap of a culture. Watch out, this may be your “bone”.

  19. I get tired of whites who arrived after the end of U.S. slavery who cry my ancestors didn’t own slaves well if thats the case you don’t have to feel like you have slave holding ancestry!!!! Duane, Professor Lorenzo Dow Turner wrote about slaveholding blacks in South Carolina & american civil
    has evidence of some purely money-minded blacks who profited quite well in Louisiana from slaveholding,also look for J.A.Rogers who wrote on blacks owning black & white slaves in Louisiana. History has many items that need
    to be told maybe Wilson & DeMint will act less ignorant & offensive,lol.

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