O.J. Should Have Remembered What Happened The Last Time He Entered A Room With A Gun

Posted: December 5, 2008 in Headlines, Just "Why?"

O.J. Simpson Sentenced to 16 Years for Hotel Robbery

  1. Wil says:

    Fifteen years!!! OJ was just trying to get his own property back and he didn’t have a gun in his posession…. Just goes to show you how criminal the justice system is.

  2. This reminds me of the scene where OJ comes out of a room with a big knife.

    @Wil, After all the hard work OJ put into trying to keep his marriage together he needed a vacation.

  3. Andre says:

    Prime example of what happens when you just can’t keep yourself out of the spotlight.

    After all the hard work OJ put into trying to keep his marriage together he needed a vacation.

    Ha! Nice, Rich!

  4. Wil says:

    Oj was found not guilty of murder…So you are saying that the justice system doesn’t work because after all, OJ was aquitted of the killings of his ex, and the guy from the restaurant ? I think that he was overcharged for this phoney “robbery”, and “kidnapping” can you imagine someone going to jail for fifteen years for trying to get their own property back?

    I have always thought that OJ should have taken his millions, moved away from the US, and kept a low profile

  5. I don’t know the facts of OJ’s latest case so I won’t go down that road. At 60 odd, the man should have looked after his ass better. What I do find curious is how he is somehow a representative of Black people in America. He is OJ, the guy who played great football at some stage, commentated, acted, made a good living, faced a murder trial, etc. I know another Black american, he lives in the DC area, is a father of 2, a husband, a partner in a lawfirm and a harvard graduate, how come he is not a representative of Black people in america?

  6. Wil, I’m not saying that the justice system doesn’t work, I think it works well. You say that he was over charged and that he shouldn’t be punished for trying to get his own property back, but he broke the law and was found guilty for it (just as he was found not guilty of murder) .

    OJ’s a big boy, he knows better.

  7. Wil says:

    I’m sorry to say, but the justice system is completely corrupt. Ask yourself ; what would happen to you if you were caught drunk driving, and talked back to the police ? Paris Hilton walked away from jail. There are too many laws, so many that that EVERYONE breaks one law or another every day. The traffic laws are a prime example; The law says, you have to rent a piece of paper to own your car (registration), you have to rent another piece of paper to drive your own car (driver’s license), you have to pay to park it in the city, but you can’t leave it in the same spot for more than a limited number of minutes, or park in certain places. Then there is the matter of tickets; you can’t drive too fast or too slow, must use seat belts, can’t use your cell phone, etc…

    Yes, OJ was foolish. he should have taken other means, but still he was overcharged for being somewhat aggressive. You could beat a woman (not a white woman, however) with a baseball bat today, and get much less time than OJ got.

  8. All those laws you mentioned I’m ok with. As far as Paris Hilton, I don’t know what you’re referring to, but didn’t OJ walk away from a crime once? Oh wait, that’s right, he’s innocent.

    It’s funny how you think that it matters the color of the beaten ladies skin, considering that it was a white woman that OJ hacked up (and a white man to boot). Oh wait, that right, he’s innocent. Or maybe, it wasn’t that OJ was found innocent but that his wife was found not white.

    Are you serious when you say that holding and threatening someone at gun point is SOMEWHAT aggressive? Remind me not to make you angry.

  9. Wil says:

    Richard, OJ didn’t have a gun in his possession, that is one of the facts that helps you realize how overcharged he was…The Paris Hilton “going to jail” story was all over CNN last year…It’s not that I think it matters what colour a victim is , it is how society in general reacts…By the way my wife is Scottish and Austrian, so I am no racist……Those laws that I mentioned take both money and freedom from people.

  10. I don’t know Wil. I grant that race plays a part in alot of how the justice system operates but that’s not the justice system being unfair or wrong but people taking advantage of a good thing.

    I was thinking more about the laws you mentioned and I can see your point to an extent but there’s an element to it that requires the laws. Imagine the chaos if who knows who gets behind the wheel of a car and does whatever they feel like doing because there’s no way to trace them. It would be like the car that came screeching down my street one night slamming into three or four cars before coming to a stop. When it stopped a bunch of kids got out and ran. Who were they? Who knows. They stole the car. So essentially they were in a car with no laws.

    Or “Imagine if you will” 🙂 applying your thoughts about automobile laws to gun laws.

    Last, you’ve never come across as racist.

  11. Wil says:

    It sounds like we are getting on the same wavelength, which is always a good thing…I know that I have been guilty of hyperbole in expressing ideas, it’s just that I resent the unfair application of the law – I’m sure you do too.

  12. seraiah says:

    I have waited forever to explain why I know OJ is innocent….

    I AM WHITE and I actually watched the entire trial and YES I WAS working FULL time IN MY OWN BUSINESS, AND HAVE NEVER BEEN ON WELFARE. It always gets me how those who did not watch the trial have actually convicted him in their minds.

    This is what I heard, and why I believe that the jury could NOT convict him. And we should all be thankful we have a system that keeps us from convicting when there is a REASONABLE DOUBT. And I will tell you who I think actually committed the crime, based on motive, opportunity and what he thought to gain.

    Mark Furhman was the very police officer who responded to a 911 call when OJ and Nicole had the fight ending in a broken windshield. Furhman was so smitten with Nicole that he gave her his personal phone number in his police car so that she could call him if she ever had trouble again. He was also well known for his views on interracial relationships: he was adamantly against them, and he expressed racial slurs often.

    OJ’s daughter (nine at the time) and his even younger son were asked by the police that night, who was the last person they saw talking with their mom, Nicole. They both said “a white man” and that their mom was crying. [This was not brought up by either side, since the children were not participants/witnesses in the trial.] That night, the children were told to go to bed, possibly around 9:30. Nicole had left her purse at a restaurant, and someone from the restaurant was planning to bring it to her home after they got off work.

    Mark Furhman was a police officer who had been known to plant evidence. Numerous cases were dismissed because it was shown that he had destroyed or provided evidence that was not part of the crime scene. He had applied to go on disability, and was denied only weeks before the murder of Nicole, stating to his superiors that if he did not get approved for disability, he “had not idea what would happen.” He was implying he would go ballistic on a black person, and that he was disabled because of his hatred for blacks.

    Most likely either Nicole did not listen to him about OJ, would not sever her ties to the father of her children, or she spurned his advances. I believe that he killed her, and when the restaurant worker arrived, he had to be killed also, because he could have and would have testified that a white man was with Nicole.

    Now, the police said that whoever killed Nicole and Ron would have had to be someone very familiar with death, almost to the point of being immune to what they saw. It was so horrific, that they knew it could not have been done by a first-time murderer. The types of people who would have been capable of such heinous crimes would have been police officers, who see death every day, and military who have been in war tragedies. Someone apparently wanted it to look like a crazy killer, or an emotionally charged killer.

    The fact is that when the 911 call came about the crime, the very first person (AT 1 AM) on the scene was Mark Furhman…wait a minute…isn’t he the very same police officer who weeks before said he needed to quit, and hated his job? He broke protocol and instead of going to the office to join up with his superiors and head to the scene together, went directly to the crime scene and was there when the other officers arrived.

    It is known that the bloody glove was thrown over the wall. This came out in the trial. It was planted there. Why would OJ, if it were his glove, plant evidence??? There were no disturbed leaves anywhere around the glove, so they know that it was tossed…only one glove, behind the garage.

    There was a third person’s blood all over Nicole and Ron, but they never determined whose it was, but it was not OJ’s. This was also downplayed, as was the fact that OJ’s socks and clothing and skin had no traces of blood on him less than 24 hours after the murders. This is impossible to achieve if one were the murderer. Luminol lights it up to a week afterwards, no matter how much bleach is used.

    The police officer who jumped the wall when no one answered OJ’s gate? Mark Furhman…everything he did that evening showed a different attitude than he had expressed up until that night. He was the one who incredibly found blood, smeared on the doorknobs of OJ’s car.

    Furhman found blood smeared on Nicole’s back patio wall. It was smeared on the gate as well. A killer is not going to stop and smear it on the wall, but someone planting evidence would. And, amazingly, Furhman found some evidence AFTER other officers saw none.

    To top it off, at 1 a.m. there was ice cream sitting in the kitchen, half eaten, half melted. This means someone was there very shortly before police arrived, as both sides did their own tests to determine the time of the murders…by watching ice cream melt on a night when the temperature was around 80 degrees or better. Both sides determined that the killer had to have been there within forty five minutes of the ice cream being dished.

    There were many other facts in the case that I have since forgotten. But if you look at what LA Police had to lose if this were exposed, and what Mark Furhman gained through it all (notoriety and a FOX News Contributor position) and plenty of money, retirement, and a good reputation….it makes me ill. He was hoping to create another race war in LA to “serve the police right” for not allowing him to retire on disability. He got far more than he wished for…and folks think he is a saint.

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