Brothas, Please Take Care Of Your Kids

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Just "Why?", Mentoring, Our children, The Brothas

zz5a706165Flint mother Latrica Ryan of 10 looks to community for help
by RoNeisha Mullen | The Flint Journal

FLINT, Michigan — With 10 kids and no vehicle, Latrica Ryan is used to juggling.

Going to a movie or out for dinner is a like plotting a major tactical undertaking. Not that such outings happen that much.

“It would really be nice if I could take my kids where they needed to go, instead of having to find them a ride,” Ryan said. “And when we do go somewhere, I have to pay four or five people (for gas) to get us all there.

“I have booster seats and car seats. It’s a lot.”

Ryan, is a 29-year-old single stay-at-home mother of five sons and five daughters, who range in age from 2 months to 13 years.


The Flint woman said she sometimes needs help providing her children with clothes and food.

“As they get older, it’s becoming harder and more expensive to buy them clothes,” Ryan said. “I try to keep the older kids looking nice because I don’t want them to be teased at school.

“And they don’t starve,” she said. “But there are times when I start running low on food and I have to call for help.” (more…)

If you are taking care of your kids, good. But for the cases where it is not happening, we got to close the gap.

  1. LLR says:

    10 kids and she is only 29. The article doesn’t mention if they all have the same dad, if she was married, or if there are 10 different dads, but all I can say is DAMN. I have a tough time with my 2 kids and I’m married.

  2. J says:

    How’s that old expression go? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…

  3. Duane says:

    Who is saying anything bad about this woman?

  4. George says:

    10 kids, no job, and they “go out to movies”? Bad priorities.

  5. Duane says:

    You expect them to stare at walls all day?

  6. Wil says:

    What is she doing with ten children and no husband?

  7. Kellie says:

    Why hasn’t she filed for child support for her children? They deserve at least that much and she needs to STOP having babies she cannot afford. While I don’t know all the facts, the truth remains that she needs to refrain from having even one more kid!!!!! That’s enough!

  8. Applebottom in The Bronx says:

    yeah this article sucks! You should have wrote your own article instead of just cut and pasting!

  9. The big apple is takin a bite!

  10. dymphna says:

    29, 10 kids, and no man? Sister, help thyself! Close your legs.

  11. damn shame says:

    She needs to keep her damn legs closed! Planned Parenthood will provide you with birth control if you can’t afford it. Didn’t she learn after the first 9 times and she just had another one 2 months ago! Her a$$ needs to walk, I feel no sympathy!

  12. Duane says:

    The purpose of this post was not to hold this sistah up as some human pinata. Instead, realities like this should serve as a reminder that we all need to do our part to help folks in these situations. Yep, she should have kept her legs closed. But what about the brothas out there who left her with all of these kids?

    I think criticisms directed towards this woman are a day late and many children short. The task that is in front of us now is how to A. Convince our young people to keep themselves until marriage and B. getting behind solid programs that have a proven track record of keeping these kids out of trouble and focused on their future.

    This situation does look troubling, but I for one am glad she did not abort these babies. All of these kids have a chance not only better their own lives, but the lives of others. Now that they are here, let’s do something about them.

  13. Andre says:

    I’m torn on this one. Obviously, the mantra of personal responsibility has been beat to death, especially courtesy of our dear friend Dr. Cos. True, the missing brothas in this picture leave much room for criticism. And yes, finger-pointing should take a backseat to the fact that ten innocent kids need support; along with countless others around the way. But I’m concerned at what message too much social intervention would send to other knuckleheads-in-progress. Where’s the incentive to act responsibly when you know a safety net is there/will be there?

    *As a side note, you can remove Ryan; insert GM, Chyrsler, Ford, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and a host of corporations; and it would be just as pertinent*

    Whenever I hear of stories like this, I can’t help but wonder if the parents both (or “all”, if this involves multiple fathers) assumed that somebody or some thing would be there to clean up the mess they caused. In Ryan’s case, it’s not like she had had two sets of quintuplets. From the looks of it, the kids all appear to be different ages. That translates into a ten-time repeat offense. In the case of the brotha(s) that ditched her and the children, I suspect they’re intentionally being deadbeats and are acting on the assumption that social programs will suffice in doing the job they should be doing.

    Social programs and community concern/involvement are beautiful things in caring for the least of these (especially the kids. We’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it rings true: they didn’t ask to be here). But doing too much also runs a serious risk of encouraging a growing litany of irresponsible lifestyles from boneheads who don’t have the simple sense to use contraceptives, wrap it up, or to just keep ’em shut altogether.

  14. dymphna says:

    Sure the men, or man involved should be helping but let’s be realistic. What kind of man hooks up with a single woman with 6, or 7, or 8 kids? Nice guys, guys who will at least come up with a check once a month don’t mess with women like this.

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