And The Band Played On

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Politics

Yesterday I wrote the following as a comment to a reader~


I think that Obama is just being himself–a politician. Let’s put aside all the issues for a minute and consider the following (this is a point I brought up in my recent radio interview). Regardless if you are a Democrat or a Republican, the following should set off some red flags.

For 8 years, Bush has been hammered on every turn for his ties to big oil, Enron, greedy corporations, and all things that symbolize capitalism.

On the other hand, the Obama campaign along with the rest of the media painted a picture of a campaign that was supposedly mostly funded by grass-roots initiatives and everyday people who wanted to see a “change” in Washington.

But like Bush, Obama received significant donations from oil companies, defense contractors, Wall Street and other sources that historically were considered in the pocket of the GOP.

The more money you get from special interests, the more favors you owe to a lot of people. The Clintons were very good with paying off favors which is why defense contractors preferred Hillary over both Obama and McCain. When Clinton dropped out, guess which candidate got the majority of their support?


Cash accepted by ANY special interest group by ANY politician is a under the table IOU. And based on the simple fact that the Obama camp led the most expensive presidential campaign in American history, he is going to owe a lot of people.

All Obama is doing is rearranging the furniture. Unfortunately between his top campaign contributors and the recycled Clinton people he picked for his cabinet, it appears the guests are simply waiting for the furniture to stop moving to find their seat. Hey, but its “change”, right?

Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
Obama’s ‘Good Will’ Hunting
Oil Industry Leans Toward McCain, But Big Producers Favor Obama
Defense Fills Democratic Coffers
Big Donors Among Obama’s Grass Roots


Well apparently “big oil” has found their seat.

Nixed: No Windfall Tax on Big Oil from Obama

Posted by Keith Johnson

Political theorists have long worried about the “tyranny of rising expectations.” What about the tyranny of dashed expectations?

President-elect Obama already riled up many supporters with his early picks for the administration, such as Iraq hawk Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. The choice of Marine Gen. Jim Jones for national security adviser spurred others to fret about a “catastrophe” for the administration’s energy and climate policy.

So what happens now that Mr. Obama has erased the idea of a windfall profits tax from his energy plan?

Apparently, the transition team quietly rubbed out the proposal to slap U.S. oil companies with a windfall profits tax a few days after the election. While it wasn’t exactly the centerpiece of Mr. Obama’s energy proposals, it sold well at a time of $140 oil (and it would have been earmarked for household energy “rebates,” not clean-energy investment, like we believed.) [more…]

Obama may be Black, but money is still green
And it has been that way for a long time.


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