Right On, Bruh!

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Headlines

St. Louis Alderman Quincy Troupe calls on residents to carry handguns for safety
By Jake Wagman

ST. LOUIS — Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe’s neighborhood has seen nine homicides in 10 months this year, more than all but one other section of the city.

With gunplay wreaking havoc on his ward, Troupe thinks he has found an answer: citizens arming themselves.

The alderman is pleading with constituents to get guns of their own — and learn how to use them. Troupe, who represents a swatch of north St. Louis, is encouraging residents to apply for concealed weapons permits so they can start carrying a firearm.

The city’s new police chief, among others, worries that introducing even more guns into high-crime areas is a recipe for greater turmoil, not less.

Troupe, however, says he has lost faith in the Police Department and is urging residents to take it upon themselves to protect their homes and property. (more…)

I have both wrote and commented quite extensively on this topic. Here are some of the links below.

Policing ourselves
Protecting A Movement
Black men with guns

  1. Wil says:

    A certain percentage of the population acts improperly with guns by shooting people.
    How do we address the problem?

    Answer: Ensure that there are more guns on the hands of more people, which will increase firearms possession among the total number of the percentage of people that should not have guns. Oh, and mandate that they carry the guns with them, that way when they become emotionally anpd sychologically disturbed they can easily shoot someone. We know from our day to day experience how stable, and reasonable everyone is that we encounter – especially when they are driving.

    P.S. Now ask me again about why I moved to Canada ?
    Two of the reasons are great medical coverage for all, and almost no handguns.

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