(UPDATED) But Whatever You Do, Be Sure To Remind Folks That AIDS Affects Everybody

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Commentary, Our Health

aidsdgr1I tell ya’, the sheer stupidity of covering up the obvious so that nobody’s wittle feelings won’t get hurt is about the most destructive thing I have seen in my lifetime.

Report: Gay/bisexual men still bear brunt of AIDS

BOSTON – (AP) Gay and bisexual men in Massachusetts continue to be the hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic with a significant percentage of new cases appearing among minority men.

That’s according to a new report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that found while the state has had success battling the disease among injection drug users and heterosexual men and women, it has had less success among gay and bisexual men. (more…)

As I eluded to earlier, the number one problem I see with this whole AIDS “crisis” is that folks are too afraid to spell out exactly why this disease has been hovering primarily over the homosexual community for as long as we can remember.

While it is very true that the heterosexual community is guilty of engaging in risky sexual behavior beyond not using a condom, vaginal intercourse still remains the primary form of sex between males and females. Like all forms of sex, vaginal does have its risks. However, those risks are drastically reduced when a condom is used. So at this point, the natural question one would ask is “What are some of the common forms of sexual intercourse within the homosexual community?”

By the very nature of their chosen lifestyle, homosexuals do not engage in vaginal sex. Instead, they are left to rely more on much riskier sexual behaviors where even all the condoms in the world would be ineffective in providing protection against diseases such as AIDS. Here are just a few of those sexual acts that are common within the homosexual community.

Anal Sex (Risks involved)
Oral Sex (Risks involved)
Rimming, Fecal sex, Oral-Anal (Risks involved)
Fisting (read all about it here)

I’ll say it for the second time: While these acts are not exclusive to homosexuals, they are very common forms of intercourse within the homosexual community. We can talk all day about how government needs to do more to fight against AIDS. But as you can see from the list above, these individuals are placing themselves at such a greater risk for other diseases and permanent body damage.

British researcher R. R. Willcox had this to say in his article entitled “Sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted disease patterns in male homosexuals

“Male homosexual behaviour is not simply either ‘active’ or ‘passive,’ since penile-anal, mouth-penile, and hand-anal sexual contact is usual for both partners, and mouth-anal contact is not infrequent. . . . Mouth-anal contact is the reason for the relatively high incidence of diseases caused by bowel pathogens in male homosexuals. Trauma may encourage the entry of micro-organisms and thus lead to primary syphilitic lesions occurring in the anogenital area. . . . In addition to sodomy, trauma may be caused by foreign bodies, including stimulators of various kinds, penile adornments, and prostheses.”

As uncomfortable as it may be for some people, I think it is high time we begin to act like adults and talk about the real causes behind this disease instead of hiding behind endless marches, programs and t-shirts.

Yes, people infected with AIDS need help. But we are not helping them if folks are not willing to start off the road to recovery with plain ol’ truth.


More of what I wanted to say earlier.

AIDS is not some big and mysterious cloud that randomly hovers over certain populations while infecting people at will. Instead, this is a disease that is spread primarily through the type of risky sexual practices that are a common part of the homosexual lifestyle. If segments of the homosexual community have the bravado to organize and attack supporters of Prop 8 until they get their way, then likewise they can calmly sit down and figure out why despite all warnings regarding AIDS, risky sexual behavor is STILL a normal practice in their chosen lifestyle.

I feel a part 2 to this post brewing in me right now. Specifically, I want to deal with how African women and children have been used by mainstream media as the “offical face” of AIDS. While sex is still a primary vehicle for the AIDS virus in Africa, the behaviors are quite different and not to be confused with the willing sexual behaviors here in the West. Stay tuned.

  1. Iam Robert says:

    Duane – you are absolutely right! AIDS is an epedemic that is destroying the black community, our black women in particular. One of the most troubling aspects of this issue, in addition to the ones you mention, is the “Down Low Brother.” The man who is having sexual contact with other men and is hiding this fact from the women whom he also has sexual contact. I covered this issue in my blog, The African-American Pragmatis, and came to the same conclusion as you–these men need to be honest with themselves and their partners.

  2. Greetings to you Informant. I am amazed but should not be by the similarities of the human plight wherever you may be. Just yesterday I wrote that “Individuals infect and get infected by HIV, not communities” I asked that all of us take a little time to make decisions that are right for us. There is afterall no force greater than self-love.

  3. avery says:

    i think the question, which you’re alluding to here, that would blow everything out of the water is this: where’s the big heterosexual male AIDS explosion? it never happened. especially not when you control for other risky behaviors. but you won’t hear that part of the story.

    i’ve heard it suggested that AIDS gets so much attention because it’s a “hollywood” disease.

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