Killing The West Softly

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Our children, World

Sound familiar?

Thousands of teenagers drop out of university after being pushed onto ‘pointless’ courses

Many young people take “Mickey Mouse” degrees only to see little or no financial reward, it is claimed.

Britain currently produces fewer graduates in law, science, mathematics and health than most other developed nations, but more teenagers study humanities and the arts, said the report.

The think-tank Reform said some teenagers – dubbed the “X-Factor” generation – dropped out altogether after finding courses too hard. One further education college course saw more than 70 per cent of students quit.


In Reform’s report, it said the drift was leading to a skills shortage in the UK, forcing many firms to rely on foreign labour.


Researchers blamed an over-bureaucratic education system – coupled with more “teaching to the test” at schools – which meant many teenagers were too reliant on tutors, teachers, careers advisors and Government recommendations to get along. (more…)


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