Do Y’all Remember?

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Should Be Slapped

For those of you that saw “Madea’s Family Reunion”, do you remember the part where Madea was about to haul off and slap the girl in the kitchen, but fortunately caught herself? Well, that is how I felt after reading this excerpt from the latest victim of low self esteem.

“That limited scope has had a profound effect on the self-esteem of many African-American women, including me. “When I see Michelle Obama on the cover of magazines and on TV shows, I think, Wow, look at her and her brown skin,” said Charisse Hollands, a 30-year-old mail carrier from Inglewood, Calif., with flawless ebony skin. “And I don’t mean any disrespect to my sisters who aren’t dark brown, but gee, it’s nice to see a brown girl get some attention and be called beautiful by the world. That just doesn’t happen a lot, and our little girls need to see that—my little girl needs to see it.

How about YOU being the example to your little girl, sis????? Dear Lord Jesus my precious Savior, friend and King! Would your little girl be doomed for life if Michelle WASN’T in the White House? Huh?

More from the article~

“On a recent episode of the nationally syndicated “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” the host asked listeners if the president-elect’s choice of a wife and her look had in any way influenced their vote. The answer was a resounding yes, followed by comments like “She’s a regular sister,” and “I love the fact that she looks like the woman next door or like my cousin or niece.’ (more…)’

I’m trying to leave this stuff alone, but these folks with apparent low self esteem about themselves and the entire Black race have been getting way too much press lately.

As for you light-skinned sistahs out there, I guess Beyonce and Halle Berry are your only ‘leaders’. Sheesh!

  1. Don’t forget Sasha Fierce!

  2. Give it a rest says:

    Hey what about Maxine Waters? She was/is a very vocal Congresswoman from SoCal. She is also NOT light-skined.

    One would think that all of these independent balck woman would admire a woman that makes it on her own as opposed to being married to the president-elect. Michelle is accomplished in her own right but somehow I bet most of these “admirers” can name any of her accomplishments.

    Now the next questions is would these chicks still admire her and see her as soooo black IF Barak was a “all” white dude.

  3. S. Cain says:

    I think she’s referring to a certain kind of attention, not attention in gereral, Duane. A attention of deference, it I may be so bold. That mail carrier may be quite beautiful, but if she is merely looked at as a ‘mailwoman’ and not a provider of an essential civil service…then how do you think she feels at the end of her exhausting day, when she return to her child? Understanding of her self esteem lies in more than her words. Duane, I think you’ve jumped to a awful conclusion here.

    Besides, Michelle as ‘First Lady’ is historically unprecedented. (Think Cleo or Nefertiti had this degree of global sway? No.) Leaders do, and have always, and will always matter. Leading women matter to following little ladies. I don’t need to be a Michelle (or Beyonce or Oprah) groupie to understand that.

    Just because she’s not the Man doesn’t mean she’s not powerful, or that women won’t pick up on her influence to Barack. *Who doesn’t want her to be ‘Soul Sistah No.1’ for four full years?*

  4. Duane says:

    but if she is merely looked at as a ‘mailwoman’ and not a provider of an essential civil service…then how do you think she feels at the end of her exhausting day, when she return to her child?

    If that is the case, then ALL of our mail carriers suffer from low self esteem.

    If this mail carrier’s daughter needs some sort of emotional uplift because of terrible comments made to her regarding her skin tone (this sistah’s in Inglewood, so puhleeze), then her mom needs to be that encouragement to her FIRST.

    People are putting way too much on the Obama’s shoulders.

  5. S. Cain says:

    I think ‘esteem for others’ is more important than ‘esteem for self’. Self esteem can form its own bubble that’s clouds ones perceptions of new ways of living.

  6. Duane says:

    You got it backwards, bruh.

    If a person has low confidence in themselves, they, by default make themselves subject to the attention and approval of others. I’ve seen and know far too many people like this and they ofter wonder why folks take advantage of them.

    Trust me, if I thought this way, I would not be married to the beautiful woman in my life.

  7. Jay says:

    I must say, I too am tired of hearing about the pigmentation of Michelle Obama. Light vs dark, wannabe vs. jigga boo continues to plaque us. Nevertheless, this is the time for us to discuss and dissolve the issue. Black is Black not matter if you are light or dark skinned. There is no such thing as “good hair”, no attribute that identifies you as black(nose, lips, etc) that is ugly. We are the mothers/fathers of civilization! Keep in mind that the divisions that strongly influence ourself images which leads to our self esteem were greated by our oppressor. Let us focus on the issues that matter, you know what they are.

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