Conveniently Forgetting Ray Nagin

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

zz4737ad1bA few years ago, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin became the symbol of Federal government’s neglect on the local level (never supposed to work that way in the first place, but I digress). Today, both he and his city have become an afterthought to many of his supporters and haters during the days of Katrina.

Like I have said many times in the past, replace Nagin with a klan member from the local KKK office and folks outside that city would actually care.

The Trouble with Ray Nagin (Details magazine)

“New Orleans’ youthful, outspoken mayor grabbed the national spotlight after Hurricane Katrina and government incompetence conspired to destroy his city. Three years and another hurricane later he’s facing a different flood—of crime, corruption, and scandal—and this time there’s no FEMA to blame.” (more…)

  1. Kofi Bofah says:

    This is a few degrees outside of your post – but you may take interest in reading up on another Louisiana politician.

    Bobby Jindal: Republican Party Boss on Deck

    I am foreshadowing a 2012 run for the Louisiana Governor.

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