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Posted: November 22, 2008 in Headlines

Don’t like it? Don’t click on it.

About The Thug Report

We are periodically asked why we do The Thug Report, and some unjustly impute racist motives to our site. So for those who care, here’s the story:

  1. Why did you start The Thug Report? Simple answer: I thought the domain name was funny, and discovered that it was available. Serious answer: I felt that there was a need to call the public’s attention to the broad incidence and consequences of urban crime. Large swaths of nearly every city in America are virtually uninhabitable because they are cesspools of crime and violence. The majority of those living there are law abiding and hard working, but they are held hostage or driven out by a criminal few. The Thug Report exists to raise public awareness of this fact, so that we’ll start thinking about what can be done to change it.
  2. What’s your point? The point is simple: Urban crime isn’t an occasional incident or a geographically isolated phenomenon, it’s something that happens constantly, in every city in America. Yes, there are occasional incidents of violent crime in rural areas and suburbs. But nowhere else in America compares with the war zone that is the inner city.
  3. Why do you only show black criminals? If you are asking this, you just picked the wrong day to visit. We post stories and photos of urban crime perps, regardless of race. Plenty of white criminals have had the dishonor of appearing on the site. However, because blacks are far more likely to commit urban crime, they are also far more likely to appear here.
  4. What is urban crime? What we call urban crime is that crime which is either violent, drug motivated, or both. This includes shootings, muggings, robberies, carjackings, for starters. We sometimes include politicians, when they behave particularly badly. Basically, we’re talking about the crimes which take beautiful, historic cities and turn them into dangerous slums.
  5. Why should I care? Every American should care about urban crime. Even if you live in a suburb, it affects you. First of all, your taxes pay for the police force, the courts, and the prisons and parole system. But the impact is far greater than just money. Urban crime robs us of our community, of our feeling of safety, even in our own homes.
  6. What do you think we should do? I don’t have the solution. The Thug Report is about raising awareness of the problem, which is the first step to finding the solution. When everyone can feel safe in their neighborhood, from the farthest suburb to the poorest inner city neighborhood, our job will be done.

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