Note To All: Al Qaeda Doesn’t Abide By The EEOC

Posted: November 21, 2008 in Just "Why?", Politics, World

All these years Al Qaeda has been calling for the death to all Americans, death to President George Bush, death to Vice-President Dick Cheney, etc. . Now all of a sudden they have ‘officially’ crossed the line without one of their new critics rushing to their defense by blaming America first. Here is just a sampling of headlines of the story that apparently still has some legs out there.

Qaeda scorns Obama with racial slur

Al Qaeda Universally Thought To Have Made A Grave Misstep In Calling Obama “House Negro”

US condemns Al-Qaeda Obama insult
Al-Qaeda plays race card against Obama
Al-Qaida plays the “mammy” of all race cards
CAIR: Zawahri Does Not Speak for Muslims
White House responds to latest message from al-Qaeda
Al-Qaida attack on Obama exposes its racism
Al-Qaeda Insults Obama With Racial Slur
Purported al Qaeda message insults Obama
Al Qaeda Leader’s Anti-Obama Racial Slur Denounced by Black Conservatives

As I have been saying all year, its going to be interesting to see how folks are going to respond when this stuff begins to happen.

Bush effigy burned in anti-US protest in Baghdad

More examples~


This one actually took place here in America

This one actually took place here in America

Just a friendly reminder that we live in the real world.

  1. Give it a rest says:

    I guess it is nice to have an incoming leader that actually is RESPECTED (for now) around the world and in this country enough were people are actually demanding and expecting that he should be treated with the upmost respect.

    Folks around the world hate Bush because his policies have caused the death on thousand upon thousands of INNOCENT people. If folks can vilify a fool like Melosvic in Serbia for being the agent of death they can and will do the same to Bush.
    It is a hard sell on the world stage to say you are protecting America by causing the death of many women and children in Iraq.

    Calling Obama a “house nigga” was about the dumbest thing Al Qaeda could have done. If you are callling him a house nigga you are also insulting the many sympathic folks that believe it is the current US forign policy that is fueling Al-qaeda’s hate.
    Unlike Bush and the nasty image he presented to the world Obama just might be able to get the REAL key-players behind him and any plan he might come up with to deal AL-Qaeda a real blow in the near future.

    If nothing else the “house nigga” comment was strengthed support for the continued battle against Al-qaeda with the so-called left in the USA.

  2. Duane says:

    When you decide to wake up, you will understand that it was not Bush they hated, but the West. As long as there is not a mosque dome in the center of D.C., we will continue to see demonstrations like this all across the world.

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