Some Events Should Not Be Forgotten

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Remember



This writer is asking the same question that has been on my mind for years.

African Americans, Have You Forgotten The Tragic Legacy Of Jonestown?

Here are some quick excepts from her article.

“But why is it that the African American community then and now, refuse to stand still and acknowledge the gravity of what took place that fateful day? Why aren’t African American ministers of the cloth, churches and communities not setting this day aside to remember the tragedy that was the People’s Temple?

The People’s Temple and its’ founder, Rev. Jim Jones, was a predominately African American church. Jonestown itself was 70% African American. The People’s Temple was financially dependent on the Social Security checks that African American seniors provided. Out of the 200 Social Security checks that The People’s Temple received each month, 182 came from African Americans. This religious institution was funded totally by African Americans. Even though African Americans were the lifeline and the work force of Jonestown, they did not make up the administrative hierarchy. Caucasian People’s Temple members made up this elite group. But they, too died on November 18, 1978.”


“… the African American community of Jonestown proved beyond a shadow of the doubt that our basic human need to be accepted and loved can be deeply exploited and used against us.”

I, too find it very strange that on a day where so many Blacks died in such a tragic manner that this event has been pushed to the side by many in the Black community.


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