Guess What? These People Do Exist.

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Just "Why?", Our Expression

But somehow moving these type of characters from beyond the many references we give them in our music and in our comedies and plopping them in front of a camera— suddenly they are anomalies.

Real Housewives causes uproar

Watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you might think it’s easy to get wealthy African-Americans to talk about money.

Concluding its maiden season on Bravo tonight, the reality program chronicles the conspicuous consumption of five well-off women who have ordained themselves among Atlanta’s elite. Four of the Housewives are African-American.

But the show has hit a raw nerve within the black community — lighting up the Internet and the airwaves with charges that it perpetuates negative stereotypes with its focus on catfighting women who shamelessly lord their wealth and generally misbehave. A particular sore point is the consistently egregious grammar the Housewives stars use.

Houstonian Phyllis Williams, well-known for her philanthropic work, recalled flipping channels on her television on Election Night — from the historic speech of President-Elect Barack Obama to a Real Housewives episode in which two wealthy women learn to let loose on a stripper pole.

“I was appalled,” she said. “This is not what elite women are about.”

The women on the show, she said, are shallow, graceless and mean.

Herein lies the main problem–

“I’m just hoping that most people don’t look at this show and think that every wealthy black woman is like this,” said Williams.

Translation: “I’m just hoping White people don’t look at this show and think that every wealthy black woman is like this”.

This is yet another example of mental slavery.

  1. This show is stupid. Example(s): You have a white woman who says she is a black woman trapped in a white body *paraphrase* Is it just me or is that just a little bit racist? And then you have a woman who calls her father (who apparently she hasn’t spoken with in a while) to tell him that she just heard that he might not be her father afterall. He told her he had doubts and she wondered why he never told her he had doubts. Is she that stupid to think that that would be helpful for a child to know?

    They should make a V-chip that turns the TV off whenever I walk into the room while my wife is watching this.

  2. DarkStar says:

    The “original housewives” are rich and live a lifestyle they live because they are used to having money and know no other way.

    The “Atlanta housewives” seem to be in overdrive SHOWING people they are rich.

    The former wives look down their noses at people like the latter wives.

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