The Difference Between Me And Others On Issues Like This

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Education, Our children

While many would just focus on what they perceive as unequal treatment, my first response to situations like this is “Are the allegations true?”

Pasadena School Gives African American Students Lecture on Life

HOUSTON — “Outrageous”.. “divisive”…and “racist.” That’s how some are describing a student assembly held Friday at South Houston High School, targeted only at black students.

The assembly dealt with low test scores and bad attitudes and behavior, and the need to improve. Only African-American students were called to attend.

During the assembly, a visual presentation was given, featuring African-American students posing in shots showing them disregarding the dress code, loitering, and sleeping in class.

“I found it completely racist,” said one student, who said she was shocked when she realized only black students were being called out of their homeroom class to attend. She wasn’t the only one who was offended.

“I didn’t expect to go in there and see– hey, there’s a bunch of black kids.. We’re being stereotyped today.. We’re all dressing ‘gangster'”, said another student who attended the meeting.

The assembly was called by the school’s assistant principal, Demetrius Hill, who is African-American. (more…)

Whenever my parents ever got a call from one of my teachers back in the day over diciplinary problems or low test performance, the first question out of their mouths wasn’t “How are the White kids doing?”. They wanted to know all the details about my ‘stuff’ and then fix it. My parents knew my potential and worked hard to see to it that I lived up to it.

The bigger issue to this particular story is not the fact that Black kids were singled out for bad test scores and diciplinary problems, but the fact that these two issues are a part of a familiar trend with OUR children. Wanna spend your time pointing out how White kids are just as bad? Knock yourself out! But how does that provoke our kids to do better when they are reminded that their actions are “normal” by the White standards?

  1. Robert says:

    Well, things being what they are, I’m not sure if gathering only the black kids together was totally appropriate in a public school setting. However, I do see your point…someone’s got to tell our kids when they are going astray. Someone’s got to tell them what life is all about. Ideally, this should be parents. But if not them who?

    This sort of reminds me of a situation here in Atlanta where a judge asked all the blacks to stay behind in his courtroom and lectured them. Although the lecture was needed and he was trying to do the right thing, he received the same flack.

  2. Give it a rest says:

    With this attitude why don’t we arrest every single person of a particular race within the vicinity of a crime scene if they are are of the same race as the alleged perpertator of said crime?

    So if a Negro happens to rob someone in your neighborhood the cops should have the right to come to you home and take you into custody simply because you also happen to be black.
    Yes, you were home minding your business with your “good” family but you are still black like the alleged criminal. Look man, it OK by the morning I am sure the cops will have figured out that you are innocent and will return your freedom to you at THEIR will!

    Now I know this is a somewhat of a exaggeration but it is based on the same principal of painting an entire group with one brush stroke.

    When these “school administrators” held this assembly of “Black kids only” they basically collected all of the black students and collectively condemned them as a group. nevermind that more than a few of them actually have there “stuff together”. Why are the black students that are not in trouble being labeled as such? IS that fair?

    The irony is that if it was a entirely black school the assembly would have been for the “bad” kids and not all of the black children. Now we can see the “racism” here. What you have is a school were they are already marginalizing ALL of the black students.

    We are dealing with children here. Their self-esteem and egos are still being formed at this stage in life. Actions like this will only serve to hurt those productive black students who are already fighting the “street culture” that is in their face day in and day out. If you tell a person they are “bad” enough times you will end up with a self forefilling prophecy.

    Action like these are meant to be condemned and NOT lauded. They are counterproductive and indicate that the people running the school are NOT very smart and DO NOT have the best interst of the THEIR entire student body at heart. What is accomplished by making a bunch of children that ALREADY FEEL BAD about themselves feel even worse? NOTHING!

    THEY ARE STILL CHILDREN, regardless of the sins of their parents and community. Adults have created a “childish”, unproductive community to support all of their leisure activities and than have the nerve to turn around and blame children for the problems of the world.

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