New Blood With Old Faces

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Our Expression, Politics

Until these folks are willing to move away from the usual suspects, all we can expect is more photo op sessions.

Black leaders to meet in NO to discuss change

NEW ORLEANS — To Marc Lamont Hill, the election of Barack Obama proves black America can reach a goal once considered unattainable, but it doesn’t end the fight on such issues as education reform, job creation and fair wages _ a focus of a State of the Black World Conference opening in New Orleans this week.

“Barack Obama is not going to change everything. But what he can do is be an ally, rather than an enemy to our struggle the way George Bush has for the last eight years,” said Hill, an assistant professor of urban education and American studies at Temple University in Philadelphia.


The conference, which opens Wednesday, will seek the viewpoints of veteran civil rights leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and up-and-coming leaders like Hill and Veronica Conway. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is expected to speak Sunday, the final day of the conference.

Conway, a career and life coach in northern California, said Obama’s election left a “profound imprint” on the nation and opened up new possibilities. She likened it to the running of the first 4-minute mile.

“I think that the issue of race has always been very polarizing (but) I think it’s becoming less so,” said Conway, 41. “I think black’s becoming the new white, like, it’s kind of cool to be black now.” (more…)

Couple of quick points~

#1 – There is a whole lot of assuming coming from the civil rights complex these days regarding Obama. If they think that he is going to be their lapdog for their causes, they may be in for a rude awakening. To put it bluntly, it will be at this time they will remind us that Obama is half-White.

#2 – The combined income of Blacks in America is said to make us the 10th largest country, economically. Yet to Hill, Blacks collectively are still locked in a “struggle”.
How ’bout this, bruh–You clearly made it. Craft that into a message and tell others HOW YOU MADE IT instead of assuming poorer Blacks need Obama to hook them up.


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