“So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”

Posted: November 14, 2008 in Politics

Any of you Star Wars geeks out there will remember that line coming from Padme in “Revenge of the Sith”.

I was reminded of this line after reading the following article.

Joe the Plumber case still dripping
Half-dozen agencies access records of Ohio man

By Dennis J. Willard
Beacon Journal staff writer

The election is over, but the Joe the Plumber case is not.

Ohio Inspector General Tom Charles said his office is now looking at a half-dozen agencies that accessed state records on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.

The Beacon Journal has learned that, in addition to the Department of Job and Family Services, two other state offices — the Ohio Department of Taxation and Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers — conducted database searches of Joe the Plumber.

Wurzelbacher became an instant celebrity after he asked Barack Obama a series of questions in his Toledo driveway about the Democrat’s tax policies.

In the third debate between Obama and Republican John McCain on Oct. 15, the candidates referred to Joe the Plumber more than 20 times.

The next day, the taxation department conducted two separate searches of a database of liens for unpaid taxes that were certified to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for collection.

John Kohlstrand, a taxation department spokesman, said he is prohibited from talking about individual taxpayers, but he confirmed that the databases were checked.


Kohlstrand said that the AG’s office wanted access to the records so they could turn over to the national media lien information that was a public record in Lucas County. He said the national media did not have reporters in Toledo, so the attorney general’s office was helping them out with public records. (more…)

And the same __________ (fill in you favorite descriptor) who were whining about privacy issues continue to be completely silent on this one.

You may think that “Joe the plumber” was a complete dork, I don’t care. This goes way beyond personal politics when you have state government working with media to dig up personal information on citizens.

  1. Peg says:

    Democrats warned us our nation was heading toward totalitarianism.

    What they didn’t mention was that THEY were going to be the ones leading the way.


  2. S. Cain says:

    Yo, I’m from Ohio, and I don’t think it’s proper at all. I said I thought the director should be suspended, resign, or quit before the week was over, but the governor did suspended her after the election with pay. I think that’s too little, too late. Yeah, dude ought to sue the state and get his cake. I mean, I can’t defend any of these actions at all.

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