Would It Really Matter For The Rest Of The Kids?

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Education

Give public schools a chance
Choosing D.C. system would boost reform, offer Obama reality check.

By Robert C. Bobb and Mary Lord

Barack Obama made history as America’s first African-American president. He now has a chance to shatter another historic White House convention — as the first chief executive in three decades to send his children to a local public school.

Such a decision would have more than mere symbolic importance. The District of Columbia’s troubled system has come a long way since little Amy Carter attended Thaddeus Stevens Elementary, and even a scouting visit by the first family to some of our city’s outstanding public and public-charter schools would validate education-reform efforts here and across the nation. (more…)

The real problems of DC public schools are too deep to be covered by the smiling faces of our new “First Kids.” Besides the fact that Daddy will be the next President, Sasha and Maria have advantages that many kids in the DC public school system do not have–starting with two parents at home that both care about and are actively involved in the education of their kids.


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