Ignoring The Elephant In The Room

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Education, Just "Why?", Our children


Schools ‘failing’ black students, board concedes
By JANESE HEAVIN of the Tribune’s staff

Board of Education members last night made a bold conclusion: Columbia Public Schools is failing its black students.

“I want to advertise it from the top of the Tiger Hotel that we are failing a portion of our community,” board Vice President Steve Calloway said. “It’s that simple. We’re failing some of our kids.”

The board spent about an hour reviewing Missouri Assessment Program test scores and other achievement data that show whites significantly outperform blacks across the board. The stubborn achievement gap between black students and their white peers isn’t unique to Columbia; whites outperform blacks across the state and country, too. But Columbia’s black students aren’t scoring as well on standardized tests as the average black student in Missouri, and that’s what troubled some board members. Columbia’s white students outperform Missouri whites on nearly every standardized assessment.

“With all the things we have going for us, it’s disheartening to see we’ve not made more progress,” Calloway said. “We’re not even as good as the state when it comes to” achievement among blacks. (more…)

“It’s the system’s fault!”
“We are not doing enough!”
“We failed!”

I am getting a little tired of this self flagellation of our school system that has yet to produce ANY significant results. It’s fake, phony and quite frankly getting way too old. If you think YOU are the main problem, then why should the taxpayer continue to fork over millions of dollars to YOU to fix it?

The truth here is that many school systems have become too afraid to lay any of the blame on the primary source of what keeps Black children behind the curve when it comes to education: The home. Think about it. Just about every place where the home has failed these kids, the public school system has taken up the slack. When the home doesn’t provide breakfast, the public school offers a breakfast program. If a student has a baby and nobody at home can or will watch the child, child care is provided. When home fails to teach their kids about sex, the public school offers sex education. When home fails to educate their kids on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, the public school is right there with their own set of programs. When the kids get bored after school and need something to do, the public school offers after school programs. When all of that fails, the police play the role of “Daddy” by functioning as the chief discipline provider.

Beating up the system has become so popular over the years that now the system has been doing it all by itself. Watching White school officials twist and grovel under the fear of being looked upon as racists for “failing Black kids” has become more of a sick form of entertainment than anything else. The race card has not helped these kids.

With Obama set as our next President, it is going become more difficult to make the case that the school system is inherently biased against Blacks. Like one comedian said not too long ago “It’s going to be hard to blame “The Man” when you are The Man.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    BRAVO!!!! I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with you. Now to get the rest of the nation to understand…..

  2. Robert says:

    I also agree. What was one of the first tenants Barack Obama stated during his campaign? “Turn off the television.” To many black folk just refuse to realize that the stuff their kids watch and listen to affects them. It’s high time that black folk get back to the basics of child rearing: read to your children, do their homework with them, demand good grades, and monitor what they watch on both the TV and the computer.

  3. Robert Minter says:

    The obverse is true: Blacks are failing Columbia schools. I have worked around Black kids and they, in the main, are the most anti-educational lot I have ever seen. When I did personal tutoring, there was no structural environment in their homes and had a misconception about what tutoring actually is. They do not understand in the least that it takes both my and Their performance to make learning successful! Most cannot comprehend what true learning is. Blaming Whitey is their cop-out! This non-compliance on the part of Blacks to do their part could be a high indication of their low I.Q. Most Blacks and learning do not mix!

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