I’m Not Trying To Harp On The ‘Black vs. White’ Thing Today, But This Is Just A Mess

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Our Expression, Politics

“Rev. Al Shaprton, a frequent critic of Hip Hop believes that the Obama victory will “force” Hip Hop artists to behave better. Sharpton predicts that the Obama administration will force a decline in the more violent and misogynistic elements of the culture. “You can’t be using the ‘b’ word, the ‘n’ word, the ‘h’ word when you have Barack Obama redefining overnight the image that black people want to have,” Sharpton says. “Here’s the greatest political victory in the history of black America, and the thug rappers can’t come near it. They will have to change or become irrelevant.”

While an Obama administration may have a minimal effect on Hip Hop lyrics, it’s important to that artists like Common, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco have found success straying from the perceived status quo that says negativity is the only way to get on.

Russell Simmons disagrees with Sharpton’s assessment saying that “Young people will use their language the way they want. If it’s in their heart, they will express it.” (from the article “Sharpton, Simmons Duel Over Obama’s Effect on Hip Hop”)

This isn’t the first time I have heard a comment like the one coming from Sharpton regarding the so-called effect Obama is going to have on hip hop music.

Let me just ask the question since I have not seen anyone else ask it.


I’m sorry, but I have been reading way too much commentary over the past week or so from my own people who have taken this “We got a Black man in the White house–time for us to straighten up” attitude. Hip hop has always prided itself on telling it like it is. Any person who has taken a firm stance against some of the language and imagery found in hip hop has largely been slapped down by those who apparently do not have a problem with it. Now that a Black man is on center stage in front of Whites, all-of-a-sudden its time to clean up without the fear of being seen as one who despises Black culture or one who belittles po’ Black folks who have no other way of expressing themselves.

Hey, a clean up is a clean up, so I can’t hate but so much. But dear Lord, what is going to happen once he leaves office?

Let’s all hope Obama is wearing his good underwear.

Another hot mess: “Romance could be catching

h/t: Redding News

  1. Give it a rest says:

    This is the type of stuff that beings me home to the conservative camp.

    I guess daddy’s are going to magically start caring for their children now.

    Teenage chicks are going to stop making babies.

    I believe Obama is going to turn out to be a very big surprise for the many black folks that are expecting and/or hoping that he is going to fix their problems. I think too many folks are only looking at his skin and not really taking into consideration what his upbringing is.

    This is a man born to an African man and a white mother from Kansas. He was raised in Hawai and has spent very little time “in da hood”. I get the impression that he has a very different outlook on life than those that listen to good ole Al on a daily basis.

    Oh, Russell Simmons, what a sell out! From his statement you can see that he has no desire to do away with the term nigga because he makes so much damn money off of it.
    The kids keep using it on the street because folks like Russell keep “selling it” as a fashion statement.

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