But Will They Be Branded As ‘Racists’?

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Headlines, Politics

US comedians sharpen claws for Obama presidency

They love him now, but America’s razor-tongued, left-leaning comedians say president-elect Barack Obama will soon be the butt of jokes.


“Obama is so stiff and uptight, he’s just asking for it,” said Rall, who proudly proclaims his liberal credentials. “I’m going to be fascinated.”


When Barr innocently predicted “very pointed jokes, tip of the spear jokes,” fellow comedian Robert George, who is black, asked in mock shock: “Did you say tip of the SPEAR jokes about a black man?”


But satirical newspaper The Onion is already plunging ahead into the era of Obama humor.

The latest issue carries this story under the headline “Black Man Given Nation’s Worst Job.”

“African-American man Barack Obama, 47, was given the least-desirable job in the entire country Tuesday when he was elected president of the United States of America….

“As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind.” (more…)


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