…and he shall rule from the center

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Politics

Between the conversation I had with a family member and comments I’ve either read online or heard on T.V., somehow there is a belief out there that Obama will somehow be forced to govern from the center.

Like I told my cousin, I think this is more of folks projecting what they want to see because between his record and the fact he is going into DC with a majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate, he does not have the incentive to move anywhere on the political scale.

Just a quick thought.

  1. MichaelEmanuel says:

    I’ve heard that all over the MSM. Forced by who is the question that I want answered. Centrist he is not, and with a double dose of power in the house and senate, he need not be. Obama didn’t run because of ego, he ran because he believes in socialism and what better position to be in to dish it out than POTUS.

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