Joaquin Breaks

Posted: November 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I first noticed Joaquin Phoenix back when he co-stared in the movie “Gladiator” (one of my all-time favorite flicks). In that role he played a emperor who was a closet punk who was more consumed about his legacy than the state of the Roman empire. I thought he did a pretty good job with that role, however there was nothing too memorable about it to me. Same goes for his role in the film “The Village”.

However, Phoenix gained much respect from me when I recently saw him in the movie “We Own The Night”. For this role, he transformed himself to a New York tawkin’ city slicker who found himself right in the middle of high-rollin’ gang life in that city. He played the part so well I had to keep reminding myself it was really him. I have yet to see “Walk The Line”, but I heard he kicked butt in that film as well (I’m not a country music fan which is why I am dragging myself to watch this film, however I do enjoy a good story. I did the same thing leading up to watching the John Denver flick “Take Me Home”. Once I saw it, I have been looking to watch it again ever since.)

Well it appears that Phoenix is giving up on acting to pursue other interests. Good for him.


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