When The Church Begins Avoiding The Sick, I Know We Are In Trouble

Posted: October 26, 2008 in Soul Food

TD Jakes calls off Africa trip fearing disease

Oct. 14 (GIN) – American televangelist TD Jakes called off a planned trip to Zambia where he was to officiate at a Freedom Summit, meeting presidential hopefuls ahead of this month’s presidential election.

He explained his cancellation, citing a mysterious disease reported last week to have killed some people.

Summit organizers were unable to reassure Bishop Jakes there was no chance of catching the viral hemorrhagic fever believed to be rodent-borne. Two out of three victims of the disease, who died in Johannesburg, had come from Zambia.

“This decision was made by Bishop Jakes and his team because of their concerns regarding a disease they understood to have originated in Zambia,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, the tele-evangelist reportedly electrified crowds at MegaFest International, on Saturday, in Johannesburg, South Africa. “I believe the true purpose of the ministry is to go beyond the traditional walls and minister to the world,” said Jakes. “MegaFest International provides us with that platform.” (source)

Lay Hands on the Sick, and They Shall Recover

  1. I just spoke today to a cousin (who works for Jakes) about the Africa trip. Many on his staff were already sick during MegaFest.
    There is only so much illness a group can take.

  2. Duane says:

    Based on the article, T.D. Jakes was asked to go, not his entourage.

  3. Give it a rest says:

    Oh yee of little faith!

    Well what exactly do you expect of a multi-millionaire, pretending to be a pastor, selling the good word of God for big profits!

    I guess if he was to get sick he would not be able to enjoy all of that wealth that God has besotwed onto him!

    Paise him!

  4. CClark says:

    Well…even Jesus had an entourage. It takes more than one person to minister to a country of people.

  5. Cristin says:

    I gotta be real, the more I hear about T. D. Jakes the less I appreciate him.

    I’m starting to feel like he’s no different from the money grubbing, fake preachers of the past.

  6. Pheenyx says:

    Dont Be ridiculous, a belief in God does not protect you from disease. Jakes’ momma didnt raise no fool, neither did mine. I know that those who are quick to criticize are not lining up to take Jakes’ place. Stop the hipocracy. The church was in trouble long before this.

    Food for thought: These preachers most of the time provide great messages to the masses but they are entertainers whose medium is FAITH, remember that! If you want encouragement read the BOOK.

  7. D. Derrick says:

    It is sickening that you do not realize that he had thousands of people with him.. You would critcize the other way if he had gone and they contracted the disease…… The initial information was a strict quarantine…. Do not hatred that you have always had for Jakes blind you to common sense… If your mother had been with him, would you have wanted him to expose her to a disease that they originally thought was airborn!!! People die in Africa all the time….The facts are a team was going and it was notthe sick he was avoiding but a disease… It is amazing to me how people LOVE to attack! How many people speaking have dug wells over there… or built schools the way Jakes has? How many of you have fed anyone over there… They did much more than preach!!!! That was mentioned in many artciles too. But you never write blogs about anything postive because you have already mmade up your mind to attack…

  8. Duane says:

    Well…even Jesus had an entourage. It takes more than one person to minister to a country of people.

    #1 – Jakes isn’t Jesus.
    #2 – Read the article. They asked for HIM, not a team.
    #3 – If he is truly a man of God and this was truly a chance to deliver God’s word, what does he have to fear?

    To suggest that a person is “called by God” means that their life is not their own. Church history is filled with individuals who went into uncertain situations and God kept them.

  9. Give it a rest says:

    D. Derrick

    I guess that Cool-Aide is tasting very good today!

  10. Thuyen says:

    “To suggest that a person is “called by God” means that their life is not their own. Church history is filled with individuals who went into uncertain situations and God kept them.”

    I agree with you that we are not our own, but our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, as believers in Christ.

    At the same time, I also believe each of us have been given a measure of faith. Maybe TD Jakes is not strong enough in that area yet. All of us, including preachers, struggle with sin and temptations daily. Paul recorded his own struggles with sin in Romans 7.

    The Bible is full of people who fail at one time or another. Moses murdered and fled the scene, and later on when God asked him to do a task, with promises God will deliver him through all the trying times, Moses begged off repeatedly from doing what was asked of him, including asking God to send someone else (with one excuse being Moses was slow of speech).

    David, the man who God said sought after his own heart, fell into lust, then adultery, then murder. Solomon, the man of wisdom, fell into idolatry near end of his life. Peter denied Christ three times. You get the picture.

    Jakes’ failure to our eyes so to speak is not unique to him or any other preacher. In fact, I would say the higher the calling, the higher the standards are. But that does not mean the preacher, no matter how godly he is, will always succeed or past the test of temptations, doubts, and so on.

    Martin Luther fell into antisemitism near end of his life (I say that with sadness since I am a conservative Lutheran). Jonathan Edwards owned slaves.

    Even the most godliest of preachers fall from time to time into sin. They are still sinners like the rest of us. That is why like the rest of us, who are saved, they are justified by faith in Christ, not of works, lest any man may boast.

  11. Thuyen says:

    By the way, I am in no way endorsing the theology of Jakes or say I know one way or another he is a true preacher of the word. I am just trying to put a little perspective on this issue from the viewpoint of a diehard Protestant Lutheran, who hold to sola gratia, sola fide, sola Christos, sola Scriptura, soli deo gloria.

  12. D. Derrick says:

    This whole discusiion is disheartening when I realize that whoever doesn’t agree with you has been “drinking the kool aide.”

    If you put a subject out there for public debate, you, like Jakes have to be prepared for people to question your choices, decisions and ideas. The apostles didn’t go into certain cities, avoided certain ones and chose others….. I am still wondering why you nenevr mentioned any of the things that were done by Mr Jakes or his team that were positive… You have an axe to grind and that is okay… but in the interest of truth, don’t try to manipulate other people’s minds by only presenting one side.

    Oh, and if you think that the paper gives you all the facts about anything, I will see you beach fron property in Arizona!

  13. D. Derrick says:

    Most of these people don’t agree with you and this is your crowd… Wait till you post on CNN so you can get a taste of what you dish out! Hungry for more? Just be a public figure and you will get plenty of what you dished out!

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