The Two Of You Need To Talk

Posted: October 25, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Will White People Riot?
By Wendi C. Thomas |
Ridiculous question? Then stop asking it about black people.

Oct. 20, 2008–“Would black people riot if Sen. Barack Obama didn’t win the election?” That was the question a white man in Memphis recently asked a racial reconciliation group with which I am involved.

After five years of being a columnist for the daily paper in Memphis, I wasn’t surprised by the absurdity of his query. Many whites still labor under the illusion that black folk act en masse and that if you ask the right one, you can get the official position of some 40 million people. If a few of us get angry, that logic allows, it must surely result in a riot.

Riot because we didn’t get our way? Please. Black people have more than their share of experience with disappointment and dashed dreams. (See: King, Martin Luther; Evers, Medgar; Chaney, James.) Matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say we’re experts in making the best out of a losing hand. (more…)

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Daily News columnist Fatimah Ali had this to say recently:

“If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness – and hopelessness!” (more…)

If this doesn’t prove to you that one Black person DOES NOT speak for all, nothing will.

  1. Roni says:

    Well…well, yup these two need to “do lunch” or something (smile) Quite interesting isn’t it? Good point Duane.

  2. Peg says:

    Duane, many of the Obama supporters I know (of various shades) wonder if blacks will riot (perhaps with white company – Bill Ayers, anyone – anyone?) if Obama doesn’t win.

    I could go on and on – but I won’t. So much about this election cycle that saddens me.

  3. John W. Docker says:

    I agree that there should be no generalization of any race or group.

    This poor guy, as we all have, has been inundated with Evil White Man, Evil Corporate America, Evil Capitalism…

    Without justifying or in any way rationailzing this guy’s question, “will blacks riot…”, it may be the bitter fruit of the contemporary leftists strategy of extrapolating individual ills to the larger body.

    For right or wrong, and it’s almost always wrong, regular folks will start to think in terms of monolithic-attitude-groups, after being bludgeoned with the propaganda long enough.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  4. “Rioting” is basically just an excuse looters use to do their business. It took Watts 15+ years after the riots to get back to where it was previously.

  5. Give it a rest says:

    “Rioting” is basically just an excuse looters use to do their business.


    If only the world was so simple.

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