…but it’s not about race

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Politics

The political e-mails are increasingly flying all over the place in these finial days before the election. Here are just two that I recently received.


November 13-15: 1,000 community organizers gather in Oakland, CA to discuss what is ahead for the Racial Justice movement in 2009

Just days after the historic 2008 presidential elections, the Applied Research Center’s National Facing Race Conference will draw 1,000 racial justice advocates to discuss the future of the movement under a new administration. The agenda will include plenaries featuring leading figures in the racial justice movement, over 50 workshops for community organizers, and the RaceFlix Film Festival.

Post-meltdown, post-election, what’s ahead for racial justice in ’09?

The Applied Research Center invites you to weigh in on a conference call exploring post-meltdown post-election scenarios and what it could mean for racial justice work.

The fallout from decades of extreme inequities is piled on the backs of our communities, yet racial justice is poised to advance in 2009. Your input and energy, plus organized action will make a difference.


I highlighted the word “meltdown”.

If Obama does not win, that is EXACTLY what will happen. Why? Because too many folks out there are priming the pump for it.


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