Diuguid’s Decoder Ring

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Commentary, Politics

Over the years I have known many people in my life who are quick to interpret ANY perceived slight from White folks as a form of racism. Deal with a White bank teller with a bad attitude? Racism. White person cuts in front of you on the highway? Racism. Deal with a disgruntled customer representative that is being short with you on the phone? Racism. Don’t say “hi” to you? Racism. Get pulled over for speeding by a White cop? Racism.

Now surely there are going to be Mother Hens out there who will read what I just said and suspect that I am broad-bushing my entire race. Our comedians joke about this stuff all the time, so for them to jump to such a ridiculous notion shows that they are just trying to piece together their own narrative. Are other races just as guilty of over-simplifying such a complex issue? Yes. Does it make it right? No.

I told my wife the other day that I am going to have to upgrade my race decoder ring because as this election season drags on, I am learning more about White people than I believe they know about themselves. Pretty soon we will have their farts under full analysis.

I wish we could use the same over-analysis of Whites to figure issues like ‘why do certain individuals stay in poverty even after providing them with a slew of opportunities to move ahead’. Knowing and philosophizing on the habits of White folks show either boredom or a low level of self worth.

Rep. Charlie Rangel some time ago made the following comment: “It’s not ‘spic’ or ‘nigger’ anymore,” Rangel raged. “They say, ‘Let’s cut taxes.'”

Columnist Lewis Diuguid apparently got the latest upgrade for his race decoder ring as he suggested in his piece that when Republicans say “socialist’, they really mean Black (read).

What is funny about his interpretation is that all the people he mentioned in his column did in fact form close alliances with…guess who? Socialists. In order to successfully jam his square pegs into the holes of his narrative, he purposely names only Black socialists when he knows full well that J. Edgar Hoover had a whole list of non-Black folks who were also associated with Socialists.

Is Obama a Socialist? I come to believe that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Not only has he proudly associated himself with Socialists, but many of his policies are firmly rooted in that ideology. There is no difference between his “spread the wealth” comment and Karl Marx now famous quote: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.


How could you associate Obama with Marx?

The real question should be “How could Obama associate himself with folks who unashamedly look up to the man?”

Now for my red meat customers.

In my view, McCain isn’t that far off from Obama when it comes to ‘Socialism’. Not only did he sign the $700 bil bailout bill (a bill that would take away some power from the free market and place it in the hands of government), but he also proposed a $300 bil mortgage buyout plan that would further push the tentacles of government in the arena of private home ownership.

Like I have said before, I think America has been on the road to socialism for a very long time. Looking at both candidates, McCain will get us there fast and Obama will get us there faster. It’s unfortunate that many folks here in the US fail to look at the live examples of countries that went down this path.

As far as that decoder ring upgrade goes, can someone send me the link?

  1. Richard Froggatt says:

    Duane, I had a link for the decoder ring (or so I thought) but after years of waiting for delivery and back and forth with customer service (white?) I’ve come to the conclusion that it was just another internet scam; therefore I will not be providing the link.

    On McCain vs Obama, can we just vote for Michelle and Sara? (don’t tell my wife LOL) Come to think of it though, that just might be a better ticket. Imagine two people with their views sitting down discussing the issues and coming to a compromise that makes them both happy.

  2. Lady Lucaze says:

    My first comment is directed to the statement: “why do certain individuals stay in poverty even after providing them with a slew of opportunities to move ahead” … now, that is a very unfair statement when there is more to the situation. You, I can tell are not in the bracket that would be considered in poverty but I am and I have received 2 Bachelor degrees and am just one semester away from earning a Master Degree in Public Administration; I work for Marriott International; and, with my undergraduate loans not withstanding, am classified as an individual living in poverty with an annual income that is less than $18,000.00 a year. I have a neighbor with 3 doctorate degress that is unemployed and work for a Nashville homeless shelter where one of the men that frequents for dinner has 2 master degrees, one in criminal justice and the other in business, and he has no place to live … he makes a few bucks a day standing on the corner by the interstate with a sign. All of these “opportunities” that you speak of to help people get out of poverty are simply paper-based and produce little to no results when they are applied to real life situations.

    My second comment has to do with the idea of Obama being a socialist. Perhaps that is what this countyr needs. We have tried the “live the American Dream” and “Bigger is always better” approach and look at where it has gotten us … absolutely no where and BROKE! Not to mention the fact that we have put other countries into an economic panic as well. It wasn’t the poor people in the country buying overly large houses with irresponsible loans because, let’s face it, we wouldn’t be able to get them regardless of the fact that they were practically given away. No! It was the middle and upper classes that got us in the situation that is now affecting more than just them and it will be them cleaning up their own mess (and that includes the affects that it has had on other people). Look at it like this … your mother always told you that now one else was going to clean up after you.

  3. Duane says:

    All of these “opportunities” that you speak of to help people get out of poverty are simply paper-based and produce little to no results when they are applied to real life situations.

    Right after 9/11, my family and I fell on very hard times financially. I went from being a manager in the IT field to nothing. I, too worked in the non-profit sector for a number of years. When that opportunity ran out, I had to start from rock bottom. Why? The area I lived had many IT opportunities, but required me to have government clearance. Without that, I was shut out of IT. My family and I turned to cleaning office buildings, delivering newspapers and me working as a security guard. We turned to food stamps and local food pantries for our food, but was determined to work our way off of public assistance. It took a while, but we managed to do it. Thankfully, we are a long way off economically from those days.

    You complain about making $18k working for Marriott International while calling that “broke”. We were cleaning toilets with two toddlers in tow in the middle of the night making a little over minimum wage while hoping neither of the kids got sick. I know what it is like to come home as the head of the household to try to keep your spouse and kids in good spirits why you yourself are asking God “Why?”

    Look, we all have our sob stories and I am not about to act as if my little episode is the worst one out there. But the fact of the matter is that between our determination to move ahead in life and by the grace of God almighty, we were able to reach heights we used to only dream about in our van with no heat in the middle of winter. Despite going through having utilities like water, power, phone turned off several times, juggling between several payday advance stores so that we can buy groceries and pay bills, I am living proof that dreams do come true here in America.

    Lastly, I would encourage you to do an in depth study of countries that have embraced socialism. Then ask yourself why more are leaving it to come to this country than the other way around. Socialism attempts to guarantee results through government. Me? I just want the space to make my own opportunities and let government get out of my way.

  4. Give it a rest says:

    Lady Lucaze,

    There are many folks out here with college degrees that absolutely suck at being productive workers and professionals. I am sick and tired of people believing that just because they managed to graduate from college the world should just lay itself at their feet.

    I worked full time and spent a good eight years getting my BS degree at night going to school part-time. Because I had built up a very strong work record and managed to achive success in the work world I was already making a very good income before graduation.

    In otherwords I established myself in my field of study before graduation. I did not attend an Ivy league school and was completely aware of that fact while a student. Because I was NOT going to recieve a degree one one of the best schools in the country I did NOT expect jobs to be offered to me simply because I earned a degree.

    While attending college I also gained a vast amount of working experience. I was writing business proposals plans, managing projects, and people without the degree so I viewed it more as a recipt than an award!

    Maybe I am lucky to have been able to go to school in NYC and had access to a very good and respect public university (CUNY). The relatively low cost of tuition did allow me to pay for my education without acqiuring a great deal of debt.

    With all due respect I believe you need to do some soul searching and be very honest with yourself as to why with two BS degrees and a Masters on the way you can only manage to earn 18K a year?
    The next question you need to deal with is why on earth are you adding more debt to your plate in pursuit of the same goals that have not been very fruitful thus far?

    YOu say you work for Marriot International. If you goal is to succeed in the hotel/ hospitality industry it is very important to accept the fact that you demenor and attitude will be far more important than any piece of paper that simply states you have passed some courses and have meet that PARTICULAR school’s requirements for being granted a degree.
    I.E: If you are willing to blame the middle-class and the well to do for your problems you need NOT work in an enviornment where they are OVERWHELMINGLY the primary customers.

  5. Give it a rest says:


    Why is it that you ultra-conservative guys like to confuse “Social Programs” with “Socialism”. Western European nations have governments that provide far more effective “social” services to their citizens yet these nations still manage to maintain thriving “upper classes” and captialistic economic/ financial systems.

    Duane, how can this be? Why are not all of the citizens of Germany, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and France, etc. clamoring and climbing all over themselves to get into the USA and bask in our unregulated capitalistic utopia?

    Now notice that it is all of the people from around the world that live in “so-called” capitalistic third world developing nations that keep entering the USA legally or not to get away from countries and enviornments that are downright uncomfortable for them to live in.

    The questions that needs to be asked are; Are the people that live in “developed” countries with strong social political forces happy and comfortable? Are they enjoying their day to day lives? Do they have enough to eat? Are their children getting good educations? Do they has access to decent healthcare? Are they happy that going to the doctor is their RIGHT as opposed to an opportunity? Do they like the fact that they can quit a job and still maintain the health of their family until they find another?
    I get the impression that many people in these countries are actually happy to pay their taxes and know that there is a safety net for them being provided with that tax money.
    Hell we pay a great deal of taxes here in the USA but what do you get for it? Stadiums? B2 bombers? Enormous wealth transfers to the bankers?

    It is time for folks to wake up in the USA. We have socialism and have always had it here. It is onlly a bad word in the USA because the average citizen do not recieve much benefit from it. Farm subsidies, Homeland Security, you name it and the USA governement is transfering your wealth from the many to the few.

    After all of the wealth that rank and file Americans have seen move from middle America to the very wealthy I would think that some good ole conservative men like yourself would feel like getting some of it back!

  6. Chris S. says:

    “Why is it that you ultra-conservative guys like to confuse “Social Programs” with “Socialism”. ”

    Probably because they are the same. Apart from the barest minimum of services, the governement does not need to be involved in “social programs” or even a great many things that they do now. Most social programs are basically involved in the great money equalization system, but it’s hidden in that the goverment doesn’t simply take the money from the rich and give it directly to the poor. It gets filtered by these programs to make it more palatable to the general public. They also serve to keep those who use them dependant on them.

    I would imagine that if one was to simply shut down all the current social programs and took that money and gave it directly to the end user, there would be sufficient to get everyone up and going just fine on their own. However, I’m sure that a goodly proportion of the poor would simply go back to being poor and looking to the government to look after them.

  7. Joseph Williams says:

    Lady Lucaze, Give It is absolutely right. My immigrant father with” only the shirt on his back history” wisely told me that considering he wasn’t educated and didn’t speak the local language well but did succeed as well as he had, I, who was educated here and spoke the language should be running the f’in country.

    He also said that lots of people are educated but as stupid as his boot. I think he was referring to their lack of common sense and ability to make good choices.

    Give, please see the real media stories as to the thriving European economies you boast of. They are in the same sheep dip as we are, if not worse. And if you can please take a look at the outflow of capital numbers from those countries to here. Yes the citizens haven’t all moved yet, but capital knows no borders and it has. China has got ours (and Europe’s) if anyone hasn’t noticed. Might have something to do with fewer social program overheads amongst other things I think. “Attention Walmart shoppers, please see your jobs in all the aisles.”

    While Socialism is a nice construct on paper, what people forget in their naive hunt for a carefree, peaceful world, in which we can all sing in perfect harmony is that genetically we beans aren’t configured mentally for it.

    So unless we are willing to do what Ayers proposed a few years ago which was to blow up all those with self indulgent capitalistic thought, as a way of genetically “modifying” the species to achieve Utopia we ain’t getting there. Or any other way.

    Really the Ayers of the world need to grow up and act like mature adults. The fact that people have different view points bothers them is a sign of insecurity. And how they are willing to act upon in such an antisocial way is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    But if that is the course we end up taking courtesy of our politicians at the request of the foolish citizenry who are gaining in critical mass daily, count me out. Hitler tired it and was beat. Stalin tried it but was too selfish. Mao did too but today we have in effect a capitalist China.

    I saw this crap coming a long time ago over here and I currently see no way of turning this Armageddon around.

    I’ll soon be somewhere else with my marbles because I was not lazy, stupid, or a whiney victim that made poor choices. I just watch from afar all the socialists cannibalize each other as they do in Cuba, Venezuela, etc. and get no where.

    Duane, always appreciate your insight

  8. Revnant Dream says:

    Nice clean logical post. Your bang on about both.
    Thing is though who will hurt Americans worse?
    Obama to me is just another Jimmy Carter even more to the left. If you lived under his Presidency, you know the disaster coming. This Dude spells it out pretty plain.

    This is so simple even a crack ho could under stand it.


  9. Peg says:

    Good post, Duane.

    As for being successful, all of us have our ups and downs in life. Sometimes the downs are really down – and scary.

    Nevertheless, there always are opportunities out there, if you search hard enough and give your all to them.

    Education is wonderful and degrees are nice. Nothing, however, can ever replace being willing to work hard, treat others as well as you possibly can, accepting starting on the bottom and moving up from there and so forth.

    Duane’s blog is nowhere for people to post their personal stories. But, I have lived this, so I know it to be true.

    Give more of yourself – the best of yourself – to others and to your work, and success will come.

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