Another PARTIAL Story On Health Insurance Coverage

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Our Health

Study: More Than 2 Million Uninsured Children Have Parents Who Are Insured

There are more than 2 million American children who don’t have health insurance, yet at least one of their parents is covered by employer-provided insurance, Reuters reported.

This is because their parents cannot afford the extra thousands of dollars it costs to insure the child, said researchers in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


The study found the majority of these children are from single parent households, Hispanic families, and are more likely to live in the South or West. (more…)

Just as I was about to quickly respond to this one, I remembered that I had already addressed this last year. Here is the second half of that post.


About 45.8 million Americans are uninsured

What is also included in that number that few folks will delve into:

Illegal immigrants and their children

>“Health care for illegal immigrants questioned”

>U.S. to pay medical bills for illegal immigrants

>L.A. Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Immigrants

>Survey of illegal immigrants seen in an emergency department

Folks who are eligible for medicaid but have not enrolled.

>Clinton Ordering Effort to Sign up Medicaid Children

>This is a statement by Beatrice Disman before the Health Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee on 5/3/07. She talks about ongoing efforts to inform folks about Medicaid programs they are not taking advantage of.

Stuart Browning, a filmmaker who has also been covering the health industries both here in the United States and Canada makes the following statement (something that he covers in his film “Uninsured in America”:

“…the vast majority of the uninsured are people who choose to go without coverage. Seventeen million of the uninsured reside in households making more than $50,000 a year. Fourteen million people without coverage are eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP, but haven’t signed up. Throw in millions of illegal immigrants who don’t buy insurance and millions of people who are uninsured only for short periods of time and we’ve got a non-crisis of politically exaggerated proportions. Moreover, millions of people who are unwilling to pay for their own medical care have figured out that it’s free-for-the-taking at any hospital emergency room.” (source)

If we are to accept the ‘research’ of filmmaker Michael Moore on this same topic as absolute truth, should we not take into consideration the ‘research’ from other filmmakers (since filmmakers have now replaced historians in this day and age)?

What is also included in the 46 million number are young adults who turn down insurance coverage for 1 of 2 reasons: chose to stay under parent’s coverage or feel that because they are young and healthy, they can delay coverage until later.

(IMO, DO-YOUR-OWN-RESEARCH!!! I have provided some very good leads here in this post to help get you started)

Finally, while I do agree that there is a disparity of the level of healthcare between Whites and Blacks/Hispanics, I have yet to hear a call from groups like the NAACP to investigate the decades of gross mismanagement that take regularly take place in many major inner-city hospitals who oftentimes receive the same level of funding of other hospitals in the general area. This also begs the question “If government has already demonstrated the inability to properly manage existing government-sponsored health programs like Medicaid, how would a ‘free healthcare for all’ type program be any different?

(The cynic in me would ask it this way: “Why would you want the same government who is handling the war in Iraq to manage your health?)


  1. Wil says:

    1) Half of all bankruptcies in the US are because of medical expenses. Only people who can do no better are uninsured.

    2) Do you really want the marketplace to find out who can offer the least expensive heathcare (for them to administer) and sell it to you at top dollar? It guarantees that your healthcare goes to the lowest bidder, and is the most minimal possible.

    3) The government manages the public university system, public schools, air travel, highways and freeways, NASA, the military, and many other things, why not healthcare for all

    4) Members of congress have given themselves great healthcare, which incidentally, is managed by the government. Obama wants for everyone to have the same healthcare that members of congress have.

  2. Duane says:

    1- So you provide access to all citizens INCLUDING illegals (let’s face it, in our current system we are covering them as well) and somehow while the ‘affordability’ issue is addressed, the quality has gone down. Just look at any major hospital in this country that has been taken over by the local government. You and I both know there are certain hospitals we would not dare want to go–even if were were dead (LOL!).

    2 – The marketplace isn’t perfect, but it sure beats how government has already demonstrated its ability to administrate healthcare. If Medicare/Medicaid was that good and people actually believed it, you would see folks drop their personal coverage in a snap. But the truth is, we know its crap.

    3 – And these are shining examples of government quality and efficiency? Come on!

    4 – These critters are on the top of the food chain, so they are going to have access to things that everybody else simply will not get. When you read some of the details of their health care, there is no way that could be expanded to everybody in this country. Talk about bankruptcy.

    When I see folks like Obama give up the healthcare he feels so guilty about and go with Medicare coverage, that is when I can take him seriously on this issue.

  3. Eugene says:

    Nice article. Thanks. 🙂 Eugene

  4. Wil says:

    1) No free healthcare for illegal residents.

    2) The problem is that healthcare is administered within the context of the marketplace rather than as a utility.

    3) US universities are the best in the world, NASA is the best space program in the world, the freeway system is pretty good too. Why not basic healthcare for all

    4) Free marketeers don’t get it . There are better ways to administer heathcare. Obama’s goals are admirable and he has a reasonable plan for getting there.

  5. Duane says:

    No free healthcare for illegal residents.

    The hospitals along our southern border would tell you differently.

    The problem is that healthcare is administered within the context of the marketplace rather than as a utility.

    From what I understand, both medicare and medicaid are administered as a utility.

    Yes, our universities are the best in the world, but they are also among the most expensive. We charge far more for college tuition in this country than anywhere I know of. Plus, we have seen very little in return as many students from overseas will return to their place of origin to start their careers. Again, offering basic health care for all sounds good on paper, but the ‘free’ health care this country already has has not demonstrated the ability to provide the level of service that is found in free market options.

    There are better ways to administer heathcare.

    I agree. And like I said earlier, the current system we have certainly isn’t perfect. But again, I do not trust a government who has had difficultly managing Iraq, public schools, Fannie and Freddie to provide me with ‘decent’ healthcare. That is just too illogical for my taste.

  6. Lady Lucaze says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to say, it must be nice living in your world and so unaffected or able to see past the simple statistics. $50,000.00, while it looks good on paper, is now days an income that can be very hard to live on. Take this scenario for example, a single mother with, let’s say 2 children, living in a 2 bedroom apartment in the city of Nashville; one child is away at college and, like a responsible parent, she is paying for the parent plus loan; she drives mid class car; commutes to and from work an average of 20 to 30 miles a day; pays for day care, groceries, and all of the bills; has a cell phone and cable so there is internet in the home for work and homework; and she contributes to her 401k … the reality is that after all of this, just the basics to get by today, there isn’t much room for her to just hand over another $140 to $300 a month to be a part of a comprehensive healthcare plan.

    You sound like the people that determine eligibility for student aid in college … the standards are unrealistic and out of touch.

    Now, let’s take a look at myself. With my $9.27 an hour job and bills and the fact that I have sickle cell disease, something that health care insurance companies consider to be a pre-existing condition, good healthcare insurance at an affordable rate is something that I will see about as often as I see a unicron in front of my apartment — NEVER! If my daddy wasn’t rich I’d be part of this alarming statistic as well.

    Furthermore, all that they take into considereation for these statistics is age and income. Since they haven’t registered for healthcare any conditions that would raise the cost of their premium or affect the amount of their deductable (going to see a specialist is more expensive than just going to see a lame old internist). There could be a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the reasons for these statistics and in order to find an acceptable solution all of these factors need to be taken into consideration.

  7. Give it a rest says:

    Oh my god!


    I know, I believe you have stated it before that you only post the stuff and do not break it down. It is up to us the readers to do so.

    There is a very good reason why many people in this country feel that GOP conservatives are nothing more than a bunch of mean-spirited jerk-offs.

    The excuse for bad policy in this country is to always demonize and place the blame on the less fortunate amoung us. It really does take strong men to be able to accept that things are wrong and need to be changed. It is oh so easy to simply just place blame and think someone is just bad or stupid. On the otherhand it takes a man with little fear in his heart to confront the beast.

    The stuff you post all reads in the same old tired manner.
    It appears that eveytime these conservatives see somthing wrong in so-called “inner city”, “poor” or “underclass” areas they are willing to accuse folks of being “bad”. Oh they must be stealing or are just to irresponsible to manage their finance like those other hospitals in better area.

    “…the vast majority of the uninsured are people who choose to go without coverage. ” So I guess he has managed to interview at least 40 million of the 45 million uninsured. WOW!
    Now come on anyone with half a bit of sense will know that this statement was pulled out of his you know what!

    Spend a week doing some real research into the operations of a hosptial that MUST serve a poor community and than compare it to how a hospital in a more affluent suburbs runs.
    What you will find is just like with schools it does actually cost more money to run a hospital in an area with a very diverse population and limited disposable income.

    Employer provided healthcare will cost a single individual upward of 200 per month under many plans. maybe that is why many young adults do not have it. $2400 a year is not cheap nor does it include medicine and co-pays.

    Reading this stuff reminds me of that kid in class that always thinks he has the answer before listening to the entire question.

    I know, I know, do my own reseach on the links included!

    P.S. IIRC you have been supportive of this Iraq war!

  8. Jen says:

    First of all there is no such thing as “free” healthcare. Everybody pays one way or another. Some higher taxes. Some death because at some point health care would be rationed as it could not accomodate everyone within the healthcare system. Just look at Europe or Cuba, etc. For those of you who think our government has been horrible on the economy and everything else why would you trust them with your health? For those of you that were worried about the government spying on our enemies that they would spy on you as well. Well why would you trust them to have your medical history?

  9. Wil says:

    Free market thinkers are like fish in the water – they cannot recognize that their environment is unique, to them the universe is under water. Staying with the fish analogy; birds flying in the sky are invisible to the fish. That is how people who are fixated on the free market think about healthcare, they can’t imagine anything good happening outside of the confines of the marketplace.

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