Chris “Ducky” Pierce

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Commentary

Some years ago I took a small group of young men in a nearby community under my wing. To tell you the truth, there was nothing formal about it. I just used the free time on my hands to do simple things like take them out to the mall, hang out in the city, sweep up trash in the community and Bible study.

Chris (a.k.a “Ducky) was one of those young men that was in our little group. He was one of those young men who you knew would just go far despite his unfortunate home situation. His home infested with roaches and his mom resorted using the stove to provide heat for he and his brother during those cold New Jersey winters. He was such a sweet young man who just had a heart of pure gold.

As our little group began to expand, Duck moved on to take on additional responsibilities to help take care of his household. I always knew he would be alright which is why I wasn’t that concerned with him moving on.

One morning (I believe it was a Saturday), I got a call from one of his closest friends (who was also part of our group). He called to tell me that Duck had just been killed in a car accident. According to Damian (his friend), the two had just left a party in Duck’s new car. Damian told him that he should call out of work because the two had been up all night. Duck assured him that he would be alright. That was the last time he heard from his friend.

All of this came rushing through my mind today as I was driving. It was a chapter of my life that I had completely forgotten. Some of the emotions of that time flooded me for a few minutes.

Man, I still cannot believe Chris is gone.


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