Saving The World? Too Expensive

Posted: October 19, 2008 in World

Perhaps this is why we haven’t heard too much about global warming lately on this side of the pond.

EU climate change push in disarray as Italy joins Iron Curtain revolt

David Charter and Rory Watson in Brussels

Europe’s commitment to ambitious green goals became the latest victim of the global financial crisis yesterday when a growing number of EU countries rebelled, claiming that the plans were now too expensive.

Plans for binding European legislation by December were dropped as the EU watered down the carbon dioxide blueprint that it had announced with a fanfare 18 months ago.

The revolt by eight countries, led by Italy and Poland, left the EU’s self-proclaimed mission to shape a global, postKyoto agreement on greenhouse gases in disarray. (more…)

But we as Americans are supposed to feel guilty because we aren’t supposedly doing our part.
Yeah, whatever.

  1. S. Cain says:

    I think as individuals Americans are still in the lead in green technology and new energy systems, it’s just the whole tech curve is so steep that it would take massive government assistance/subsidies to make it scalable. We need to continue to boost the energy technology, because it will develop new industries and products that we can export to Europe and the rest of the world- corner the market. It makes sense to me that we don’t look at Euro-deliberation as a primer for what we do, we already do this internally.

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