Joe, The RACIST Plumber Vs. Orwellian Dumb Sheep

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Commentary, Politics

This week we have witnessed one of the most sickening attacks against a private citizen by our so-called “objective” press. Joe Wurzelbacher (a.k.a. “Joe the plumber”) asked Presidential candidate Barack Obama a simple question regarding his tax plan for those making $250k or more. While Wurzelbacher’s critics are quick to point out the fact that he is not licensed (BIG WHOOP), they obnoxiously overlook the fact that Obama’s “spread the wealth” response kicks folks who have a desire to increase their revenue via their small business square in the gut.

For those who are interested in how the SBA (Small Business Association) defines a small business, please check out the following post over at Patterico’s Pontifications.

Instead of using this data provided by the SBA to delve into how exactly lowering the tax boom on those making $250k will help/hurt the economy, the dumb sheep of the media and blog world have launched into a full attack against this private citizen who dared to ask the media darling a real world question. This post talks about how one popular liberal site posted his credit information while other media outlets focused on vetting out any of his other professional and personal connections.

Here is I just find so ironic about all of this. Not even a year ago the same idiots who were panicking about the government eavesdropping possibly resulting on the exposure of information on private citizens are now fully engaged in doing the same thing to someone not in the Orwellian dumb sheep fold. Personally I thought Wurzelbacher should have not talked to the media, so in a way he left the door open for scrutiny. But to this level where credit information is being spread all over the net?

As far as Wurzelbacher being considered a “racist”, well the left (thanks to their unlimited supply of race passes) have now concluded that his comparison of Obama to a tap dancer in the mold of Sammy Davis Jr. qualifies him as a full blown racist.

Sooooo you compare a Black man to another Black man and now that is racist. Yeah Right!

What really troubles me about how frequently the ‘racist’ label has been used is that it has now watered down years of real history where Blacks were subjected to things like Jim Crow and other forms of discrimination and now equating it to someone not supporting Obama on policy issues. Wear a McCain shirt? You are a racist. The true history of racism in this country has now been pimped out to the lowest bidder.

Not too long ago, Rasmussen conducted a poll and found out that about half of Americans felt that the press was pro-Obama. What troubles me about this is that if Obama does win the election, will we see a press that will give us the full story or is the treatment given to Joe the plumber a sign of things to come for any private citizen who doesn’t fit their narrative? Only time will tell. In the meantime…

“Four legs good, Two legs bad”

  1. No Matter What says:

    Joe the plumber is probably wishing he would have never asked the question. . . so much for participating in government.

    No matter what happens in this election, we have to send a message to the next President, that the economy has to be the first priority.. . and that begins with lower taxes and lower energy prices. I signed this petition to the 44th President to add my voice to the cause — lower taxes, lower fuel prices, no matter who wins.

  2. TJ Shur says:

    there are a lot of dumb sheep out there the scary part is that one can unknowingly become a dumb sheep in this day and age of media inundation…the challenge being to break out of the dumb sheep mold

  3. Jeff says:

    I do wish that Joe had not made the comparison. Sammy Davis, Jr., who is one of my all-time faves, did not deserve to be slandered like that.

    The only solace I have is that if BO wins and WHEN his administration starts coming apart at the seams, these people will also be labeled as racists if they so much as question anything.

  4. Ted says:


  5. Jesse Waite says:

    Joe is really an ironic campaign pony for McCain to trot out, when the guy is really the subconscious enemy of the exact people to whom he is trying to appeal among the “working class” and “small business.” I understand that the McCain campaign simply wants an everyman symbol upon whom they can hang talking points about “socialism” (and thanks for making the exact point!), but something is really, seriously, and mind-bogglingly absent in the discussion about him. It shows just how ignorant and out of touch the McCain campaign has become, because do they even know how unpopular unlicensed contractors are among respectable, licensed, private contractors? Do they know of their horrendous reputation among clients as fraudulent, polluting, truant, tax-dodging, and lazy people? Sincerely. There is a reason that these guys don’t have licenses, and guess what, it’s not incidental! Typically it’s so they can evade taxes, not pay their workers fairly (typically illegal immigrants), to evade environmental restrictions (such as not dumping job waste on the freeway), and to dodge a host of ethics laws which small businesses have to abide. It’s funny because it shows that there is really no bottom to the self-defeating tactics of the McCain campaign. But it’s also a disappointing and searing reminder of how little the “anti-elite” elite knows about the middle and working class. WOW. Just WOW.

  6. Before Gore, Kneel says:

    An interesting bit of sleight of hand: Joe the Plumber is a divorced head of household.

    Which means, as my wife has been beating me over the head about for three days, that Joe’s threshold of pain (Obama surtax) starts at $125,000.

    That quarter of million figure that Biden, Obama and every talking head and typing blogspot is for couples filing jointly.
    Of course, they can’t mention that because there’s lots of people eyeing $125,000 as a real possibility.

    When you’re trying to get a business going or hoping to do so, like Joe, getting to keep $0.39 of every dollar after the first $125,000*, can get real old fast.

    *for which tax has been paid at ‘regular’ rates. It’s not like he hasn’t been paying.

  7. Wil says:

    To: Before Gore…

    Two things:
    1) The increase is for singles at $200K

    2) In both cases this is for for taxable income , not gross income

    Just think, Colin Powell, who has known McCain personally and worked with him for twenty-five years, is supporting Obama. Members of conservative royalty like Susan Eisenhower, and Christpher Buckley, are supporting Obama. They have much more information than you do, so think again.

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