Would You Take It?

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Headlines, Our Expression

In a heart beat. But that’s just me.

From: thehoop.blogspot.com
H/T: Sports By Brooks

“According to italian site basketcentral.it Olympiakos is preparing an offer for Kobe Bryant(?!?!) for next summer. The Italian site claims that they have information from “inside the club” insinuating that the Angelopoulos brothers will offer the superstar a contract of 60 million dollars for 3 years with an option for the player at the end of each season.

In that contract there will be an incredible list of benefits, a villa in the Mediterranean Sea, pay all the taxes at the expense of the club, to pay the bills for the staff and for a private boat for Kobe Bryant. The article also says that they are planning to form Olympiakos into an NBA style club with a court that fits 15-20 thousand seats and a private jet for the team. (more…)

But is it true?

  1. The EL says:

    I would be showing everybody my Black A** on the way outta the door.

    This is a GLOBAL Economy and why not take advantage of it.

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