Someone Else Suspects Something Foul

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Economy

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I do not believe that the current market conditions didn’t just happen. Check out the business site Bizzy Blog.

Hank Paulson’s Blackmail? (Bernanke, Too?)

If you are enjoying our live economic crash course (no pun intended), you may want to add this link to your notes.

  1. Tom Blumer says:

    Thanks for noticing.

    If you think that’s bad, check out the latest:
    CNBC: Paulson ‘Put a Gun to All Their Heads’

    This stuff should frighten the commentators reporting it. Instead, they seem sort of amused.

  2. julian says:

    This was all planned. We all know the Federal Reserve is just one big private bank. The regulations that were set up during the depression to stop just this sort of thing, have been washed away. Give credit where it is due, Master Criminals!

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