Now When A Communist Has To Set You Straight, You Know Its Bad

Posted: October 14, 2008 in World

Not too long ago I did a post on how the U.K. has allowed Muslims to establish their own court system in that country. Well, some former Muslims have recently stepped up to the plate to condemn such a ridiculous idea to have two different court systems in the same country.

Namazie, a feminist and communist activist who left her native Iran several years ago, charged that the courts victimize poor, immigrant women, forcing them to remain in situations where domestic abuse was common.

By bowing to political correctness, she said, the British government had abetted a terrible situation.

“Opposing shari’a is not racism,” she said. “It’s racist to demand backward, medieval laws for people living in the 20th century.” (more…)

Earth to Namazie, communism ain’t that better, shuga.

Still, I think she smacked the race and IG’NAT card pretty well.

  1. Give it a rest says:

    Gee Duane,

    You do have some deep seated religous views of your own. I thought you would be all for a nation showing great respect for religion and the cultural values founded within it.

    Islam is a religion of laws and values just like Christianity. As Christians are we allowed to pick and choose what we want to believe?

    Not for nothing but Christianity is older than Islam and our religious laws are also from medieval times, so I guess that would also make us “backwards”.

    If you are a Muslim and dont like the moral code, renouce your faith plain and simple!

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