Posted: October 14, 2008 in Commentary, Politics

Among the many things I have learned or had confirmed during this election season, two have really stuck out to me.

1- Calls of racism are rarely legitimate in this country. It’s nothing more than a political tactic that has been leased out to the DNC and much of the politically Left. (I’m sure the so-called “Independents” out there will have some Republican comparison to make here instead of dealing with that point directly–psst! Notice they will rarely do the same the other way around. )

2- Feminism is conditional.

I’ll deal with #2 in this post.

Well of course many of you by now have seen the picture posted above. If you have been online long enough, I’m sure you have seen far worse descriptions and portrayals of vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

Criticism on policy issues is one thing. But to condone such demeaning attacks that have nothing to do with policy is downright shameful and disgusting. Despite my opposition to many of Obama’s policies, I make it a point to limit my criticism only to his stance on the issues–that’s it. Calling him names or demeaning his wife with ugly references like “Bitch”, “Ho”…I’m sure you have heard all the names is something I just will not do. But here is the funny thing, Whites on the Left are given a full pass to use any racial epithet against Condi Rice, but when criticism comes Michelle Obama’s way, she gets her very own “fight the smears” website. There’s feminism for you.

Palin may not be your “gurl”, and that’s perfectly fine. But for any so-called feminist to not only sit back, but take part in the demeaning of another woman who is being referred to as a “cunt”, your “feminist” moniker is no more valuable than a name tag that can easily be removed based on the situation. Either you stand for the equal and fair treatment of women or you don’t. So please take pause the next time you want to wag your finger at the world for the unfair and demeaning treatment of women in some distant culture. If you can’t come to the defense of a woman you disagree with politically, your cause is worthless.

Growing up in North Philly, I remember the days my mom would be ridiculed by three teenage females who had nothing better to do than to call her names as she walked me to school. As my mom gripped my hand, she oftentimes would walk silently as these three girls would call her all kinds of demeaning names. I remember one time my mom actually turning around to tell these girls to leave her alone. But unfortunately, that just emboldened them to do it more. I even turned around one time to tell them to stop. But my mom just pulled my hand and told me to keep walking. I felt powerless because I could not defend my mom. But it was that memory that has made me into a person that takes extra care of the women in my life: My wife and daughter.

When my daughter grows up, she is going to be faced with all types of opinions that she will either choose to accept or reject. I can only pray that she will never be conditional with her convictions–especially as it relates to the treatment of women.

  1. Give it a rest says:

    Not for nothng but I have NEVER heard of any major mainstream media person refer to Condi Rice using a racial slur.

    Please direct me to this info.

    Look Sarah Palin is fair game just like GW Bush, John McCain Barak Obama, Charles Rangel etc. People do not have a problem with Sarah Palin being a woman and mother or even the governor, they do have problem with the sheer ignorance of what come out of her mouth.

    Just like most blacks hate to see a boffonish clown embrass them a great deal of AMERICAN women feel Sarah is a piss-poor representitive of the image of the women of our country.

    If Sarah wants the respect of the feminist crowd she should drop the silly “down home bimbo” persona ASAP!

  2. Duane says:

    Please direct me to this info.

    It’s out there and I just did a post on it. Look it up if you really want to know.

    they do have problem with the sheer ignorance of what come out of her mouth.

    So is it then fair game to refer to Obama as a “nigger” for the ‘sheer ignorance’ that comes out of his mouth?

    a great deal of AMERICAN women feel Sarah is a piss-poor representitive of the image of the women of our country.

    A lot of women feel the same way regarding Obama and his wife. The game goes both ways.

  3. Wil says:

    1) It is okay to ridicule Palin becaue she is a liar and has created an artificial persona. Obama is authentic.

    2) The world is too complex to be simplistically divided into “left”, and “right”. it is more rational to analyse ideas with enduring principles as a point of reference. Using buzz words and cliches like “left”, and “conservative”as tools for understanding is not intellectually rigorous.

    3) Racism is one of the basic dynamics of society. We must attack and destroy it where ever possible.

    4) Discrimination against women is disgusting , and by supporting our daughters, like you said, along with our wives as well as showing the right attitude to women that we encounter daily, we honour our mothers.

  4. Thuyen says:

    Ok to ridicule Palin with rhetoric that if used on liberals and minorities would have been deemed sexist and even racist?

    And Obama has lied, too.

    Many of the liberals have no room to talk about honesty either.

  5. Wil says:

    Thuyen, Any examples of Obama’s lies? Or rhetoric that would be considered sexist and racist against Palin? People ridicule Palin because she wants to be vice president , but won’t talk to the press, gives hate-inciting speeches, and is not knowledgeable. ….As for “liberals”, and “conservatives”, those labels are not useful.

  6. Jen says:

    Wil your number four statement doesn’t match your number one. Which is it?

    Obama lies about all of his associations, etc.

  7. Wil says:

    Palin is not someone I would encounter in my daily life, but rather someone who would take part in ruling over the country. A person who seeks to be in that position must be held up to close scrutiny, and comments about what is discovered are appropriate.

    Any specific examples of Obama’s lies ? I doubt that anyone lies about “all of” his, or her associations .

  8. Peg says:

    I really dislike the word “lie” unless utterly clear. So – let’s say that Obama has been less than forthcoming about:

    His true connections to Bill Ayers.

    His relationship with ACORN.

    How he did at Columbia and how he got into Harvard.

    Why he stayed connected to a church with a pastor like Reverend Wright for so long; why he stayed there, given some of the viewpoints of his pastor on race relations, the nature of the U.S., Jews and the like.

    Also, vis a vis Palin.

    I have absolutely no problem with people being critical of Governor Palin. Say you don’t like her politics, her religious beliefs, he views on abortion, taxation, energy or whatever. But – when did it become accepted for folks to wear t-shirts proclaiming “Palin is a C*%t? Or post photos of Palin with female genitalia in place of her nose and mouth? Or make amazingly crude references to her female organs and her disabled child?

    What would Obama supporters say if McCain supporters committed 1% of some of the disgusting stuff bandied about Palin? Not to mention that McCain has spoken out about any hints of attacks against Obama’s race or religion.

    Let’s face it. If Palin were pro-choice, not religious and a Democrat, we’d be regaled with stories about how she’s “doing it all” with governing and her family, how clever she was in a down home way (like the policewoman in “Fargo”) and so forth.

  9. The EL says:


    Great points all ( and I will be voting for Obama).

    The campaign is starting to resemble a schoolyard scuffle between two rival cliques. The democracy and the voters suffer the most.

    I wish we could get some REAL answers about TOUGH questions
    that will effect your and my DAILY life.

    Enough with all the name calling and bickering ON BOTH SIDES and get to the business of running our country.

  10. Peg says:

    Other than the candidate for whom you’re going to vote, The El …. I couldn’t agree more!

    I must tell you; one more reason I do like McCain. More than most other politicians, he has attempted to work with people of both parties and “do what’s best” for the nation. Look at Lieberman’s support…

  11. Before Gore, Kneel says:

    I don’t get it. Obama does a so-so job of getting through his Bachelor’s degree, works for two years in NYC and then falls in with a bunch of radicals in Chicago. Two years later or so, he’s in Harvard getting a law degree. How does one pay for that? Without earning real money? (Community Activism is low $20’s sort of work, right?). Then top it off, out of Harvard, he’s back in Chicago working at a law firm that backs up people who drain public housing money and stiff their tenants for the maintenance contracts. It pays off for Obama because those same people back him into first Illinois politics and later in his current position. They even help him with his mansion and buy him a sideyard… Why is Obama held in esteem?

  12. Candace says:

    I am a 35-year-old black female. My political stance is (basically): pro-life, anti same-sex marriage, pro-Israel, anti socialism–you get the picture. With all that being said, these days I’m finding myself angry that my political leanings point me in the direction of the McCain-Palin ticket. I don’t want to be petty, but I do have a problem with the climate of racism that has gone pretty much ignored by their campaign. I sense that each of them could have been more insistent against the blatant racial attacks against Obama at their political rallies and among their supporters. With their access to the media, a few simple statements renouncing the name-calling and death threats could have gone a long way in setting a positive stage for whatever the outcome of Nov. 4 will be. I am still dumbfounded that Michelle Obama’s comment about finally being proud to be an American was and is still referred to as subversive, anti-American propoganda. Why can’t conservatives acknowledge the relatively recent struggles of Black America? We are only 2 generations removed from the Civil Rights era. Again, my point here has nothing to do with the naive and even potentially corrosive policies and platform of the Democratic ticket–I would just appreciate an honest dialogue from the Right that does not treat the race relations in America with sarcasm or passivity. And lastly, even though I will most likely vote Republican based on the issues mentioned above, Sarah Palin’s performance so far has been disheartening and scary–media bias aside. I am not enthusiastic about election day at all.
    Thanks, Duane, for this website and for giving me a chance to have my little say.

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