Odd Parents Out?

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Our children

The image above is the character Ivy in the game Soul Calibur IV. In short, its a head to head fighting game that features some of the roughest and toughest characters you will probably ever meet in the gaming world. The game is rated M for mature and based on the image above, I think you can see why.

Both of our kids are under 10 which means the only games that we allow for them have to be either rated E (everyone) or E10 (everyone beyond the age of 10). There are a few exceptions where rated T games (Teen) games are allowed simply because based on my observation, there isn’t anything in it that I find questionable or too mature for our kids.

What has been an interesting observation to me as a parent is noticing how some parents simply turn a blind eye when it comes to video games. One of my kids’ friends (who is 8 ) regularly plays Grand Theft Auto. The image on the right is a screenshot of the game where one of characters is getting a lap dance. I also hear of other games from his friends I know are not intended for children that age. Just the other day, some of the young kids in my neighborhood bragged about watching the movie Saw III. Yet when you mention it to the parents, their response is one of “C’est la Vie”.

Now I’m not the perfect parent by no stretch of the imagination, but you would think that some parents would exercise just a little bit of common sense. Just because at some point in their lives they are going to be exposed to some of these images doesn’t mean that you should green light this stuff just when they are ‘discovering’ their Pee Pee or Li Li (whatever the word used for little girls).

  1. Roni says:

    Sad to say that some parents use TV and video games to “entertain” their children so they won’t have to spend time with them.
    If the kids say something is “fun” or popular then many parents purchase it without first checking it out. Then they use those things as what they think are “tools” to keep their children distracted from doing something outside the home.

    How many parents have I heard say “Well at least I know they are home in their rooms.” Yeah but doing WHAT?
    Then the next stage may be (a parent said this to me)
    “If my child is going to have sex, then I’d rather them have it at home in their own room than in the back seat of a car.”
    This person was very sincere when she said this.

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