Bubbles In Space?

Posted: October 10, 2008 in World

As my kids would say, “Oh Snap!”

Chinese Space Walk Filmed in Water, Say Chinese Bloggers
By Zhang Haishan and Shi Yu

Virtually every eyeball in China was on the launch of Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou VII, just as the Chinese regime wanted. But among those eyeballs were many observant ones—maybe too observant for the Chinese Communist Party’s liking.

Chinese state-run media called the Shenzhou VII mission “a historic moment.” However, online bloggers have pointed out physics-defying phenomena in the news footage of its space walk that suggest the whole operation was filmed not in space, but under water.


Sounds of the on-board crew communicating with the ground control center could be heard in the broadcast footage. In it, the commander of the space mission said, “Number one; Number two; Tied it in water; Operation is normal,” which bloggers took to mean that the operation was conducted in water. (more…)

The article contains youtube clips that show the questionable parts of the mission. Here is one of them (scroll to 5:49 and keep watching. You will see something like a bubble coming up under the astronaut (or aguanaut) and leaving his helmet.


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