Something Ain’t Right

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Politics

According to the latest American Research Group poll for West Virginia, Obama is up 50 to 42. But check out the sampling.

You read that right. 55% percent of those asked were Democrats compared to 35% Republicans.

ARC isn’t the only one oversampling. Many of the main pollsters are oversampling with Democrats in their polls as well. Be sure to read the entire study for any pollster to see just how they are coming up with these numbers.

  1. Devon says:

    Could this possible mean that the election is far closer then we are being told?

    I know overall, McCain, according to the polls is 5-6 points back from Barack….

    Very interesting!!!

  2. mscot says:

    I don’t really think it matters. They will have the computer counting and it has already been programed for the outcome. It is debatable if this is literally true, but figuratively it is certainly the case.

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