After All, The End Justifies The Means

Posted: October 9, 2008 in ACORN, Headlines


CLEVELAND – Two Ohio voters, including Domino’s pizza worker Christopher Barkley , claimed yesterday that they were hounded by the community-activist group ACORN to register to vote several times, even though they made it clear they’d already signed up.

Barkley estimated he’d registered to vote “10 to 15” times after canvassers for ACORN, whose political wing has endorsed Barack Obama, relentlessly pursued him and others.

Claims such as his have sparked election officials to probe ACORN.

“I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register,” Barkley said. “They’d ask me if I was registered. I’d say yes, and they’d ask me to do it [register] again.

“Some of them were getting paid to collect names. That was their sob story, and I bought it,” he said. (more…)

Notice where most of these incidents take place: in mostly low income Black or Hispanic communities.
There is a reason why these tactics would not fly in upper-income communities: Because they would be questioned and eventually tossed out. ACORN knows this which is why they continue to play on the ignorance of low income minorities–all while they enjoy the protection of their ‘minority shield“. Why? Because they can fall back on programs where they ‘help’ minorities.

So basically you can screw po’ folks, just as long as you can say you participate in a food or clothing drive, help them find a house, etc. Unfortunately, Frank Lucas practiced the same thing and was regarded as a local hero–despite the fact he help flood New York with drugs. Moving on–

This was reported yesterday~

In Ohio, large numbers of homeless people received free van and bus rides to register. Shelby Holliday, a reporter for, filmed ACORN shuttling prospects to the polls. She told me she spoke with one homeless woman who told her ACORN “told her who to vote for if she wanted a ‘better life,’ and told her not to worry about jury duty (one of the reasons this homeless woman didn’t want to register) because the government probably wouldn’t be able to track her down. She was registering with a temporary address.” (more…)

Don’t worry, shuga. After election day, they’ll leave your backside back on the street while ‘activists’ continue to use your plight as a way to shame Americans for not doing enough.

At this point, the best way to fix ACORN is to force them to employ Klan members and skinheads. That will make it into a race issue, causing folks who typically yell about taking advantage of poor people to actually care. Until then, the end justifies the means.


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