Chocolate News

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Our Expression

David Allen Grier’s new show ‘Chocolate News’.

No matter what, this boy is a pure T nut.

I grabbed this pic from Shavar Ross’ blog (who btw just got a part on the show. Congrats, bro).

  1. ArrDee says:

    Yeah, I checked Choco-News last nite. Uh – hateful much? I’m serious – aside from the usual lies and general BS about the GOP – the usual hate of course – wha’s up with the USA graphic done in African flag colors? See what I’m saying? And that bit with taking the baseball bat to voting machines you think are stealing the election – hasn’t the media already got Black/Barack America set to riot if McCain wins?

    This stuff insults White America at every turn and is in our face with a violent swagger. And you’ll cry that WE are out to get YOU? Please, people.

    As it is often said: “Jus’ Check Yourself!”

  2. Mo Betta says:

    ArrDee, let’s focus on more important issues. First of all, the American Flag, even the Confederate Flag (which all stem from the same source of the red bars on the war cross) being done in the colors of the Pan-African Flag have been done forever. You can even see images of them on my myspace page (click the link above).

    It just seems you may be insulted because the comedy was actually funny and very true.

    But you know what’s really hateful? Children having to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school while their parents were not even allowed to vote “Liberty and Justice for All” You know what’s hateful still? When two white guys in Boston, not so long ago, attacked a black attorney by stabbing him in the chest with the tip of a flag pole—which held the American flag. You know what’s still hateful? STILL force-feeding the people of this world the false sense of “the American” dream and then arresting them when they come over here by any means–just like the “forefather did.” I mean really, the Irish just stopped sneaking in through Canada in the 50s. But, my mistake, they only jail you for seeking your freedom in this country if your name ends in a vowel and/or your skin is a shade too brown.

    Haitians and Mexicans arrive illegally to this day–they are jailed. Eastern Europeans arrive illegally, they are entered into placement programs to integrate them into society. Talk about hateful–‘liberty and just for all” only applies to those on a government approved list.

    Talk about hateful–a country seemingly founded on religious freedom tries to say a man shouldn’t be considered for president because he MIGHT be a Muslim.

    Well, Bush is a fellow “Christian” to me (although he is nothing of a follower of Christ) and he has almost as much blood on his hands as Germany did in the 40s.

    Hateful indeed.

    Put less emphasis on things and more emphasis on the actions of a nation and the actions that the presumed powers of this nation still remain comfortable using to represent all of its people.

  3. Ken says:

    ArrDee & Mo Better, the two of you were commenting on black verses white. This type of division is what we need to move away from in this country. The topic is “Chocolate News”. As an African American I am tired of the negative sterotypes associated with being black. The humor is degrading and offensive, David Allen Grier himself would be offended if a white comic had made the same racial jokes. Come on people, how much longer do we have to be portrayed as pimps, ho’s, and violent people. I am disappointed in this show because David is a funny and intelligent man. He could have chosen to host a well written comedy show about current events. Instead he chose to make us look like fools. I really hope this show does not make it.

  4. Fenakee says:

    This show is far better than DL’s show on CNN. You talk about embarrassment. People no matter how much we try to change & avoid the stereotypes that plague our people, the truth is Pimps, Ho’s, ghetto folks, etc are a reality. This is the hustle that so many use to make it in the world, not only African Americans.

    Until there are training programs, affordable colleges, jobs & housing that African Americans can afford without having to be on welfare or section eight, people have to survive by any means necessary.

    I welcome this show after where we have come from to achieving the American Dream. We have always told our children that they could be anything when they grow up, while silently saying except the President. That has now changed. It’s a beautiful thing.

    If we cannot accept all that we are, good, bad, ugly and just what we hate, then we cannot honestly say that we are proud African Americans.

    Learn to laugh. Learn to live. We have much to be thankful for amongst all the stressful things in life.

    Be thankful that you were able to sit in the comfort of your home, log into your computer, or blackberry at your local coffee shop, or at your job to voice your oppinion.

    So many of us have no home tonight, so many do not have a computer, pda, cell phone or job. So many cannot afford a cup of coffee.

    Be thankful. It’s a comedy show, its meant to be extreme to get a rise and a laugh out of people.

    Yes David is intelligent.And He’s working for a paycheck to take care of his family as a comedian.

    As a mixed African Female, we both black and white do some crazy things that ARE funny.

    Relax People! The brotha is funny!

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