Nothing ‘Holy’ About This Hook Up

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Bishop Weeks recasts his ‘Holy Hook Up’
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III has resurrected his new reality show — and this time he wants to search for a God-fearing wife on network TV instead of the Internet.

Weeks said the Christian dating series, now called “The Holy Hook Up: Who Will Be The Next Mrs. Weeks?” will document his search for a new love as he performs his daily duties as leader of an international ministry.

The 30-minute Atlanta-based reality series will include Weeks sharing the spotlight with singles and broken-hearted couples on the mend. The twice-divorced Pentecostal pastor will dole out relationship advice drawing on his experience as an author, minister and a first-time felon who pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on his ex-wife, national evangelist Juanita Bynum. (more…)

Why comment?

  1. avery says:

    ummmm….are there words for this? for real. what do you call the cult of personality when the personality is devoid of personality? cuz that’s about where we are now.

  2. Rufus Paige says:

    Pimping the word for ratings and a buck. So many of the ministers have pimped the word with the bottom line is money. If you are a member of one of the big churches you best believe that if you need to talk to your pastor its not going to happen but if you are a celebrity or sports figure then the red carpet is rolled out. Now we got Weeks looking for a fast hook up that will end in disaster like the last. He’s going to be counseling couples too! Something just doesn’t seem right. It seems somebody needs some quiet time and stay out of the spot light to focus on what he was called to do. You think?

  3. SJA says:

    All I have to say is foolishness!!! But he is still a child of God! Let be in prayer for the leaders of the gospel!

  4. Roshunda says:

    I am floored! I just don’t get it. For those of us who are leaders in the gospel, isn’t our anointing (the power of God) to “glorify” God? How on earth does “The Holy Hook-up” Glorify God???

    In addition, just because we are anointed in one area of our lives, doesn’t mean that we are anointed in another. I really feel this whole saga mocks God and his divine joining together of couples. Meaning, Bishop Weeks, with all due respect, needs to find victory in his own relationships in order to truly minister to other hurting couples. Otherwise, why should we who are in the faith go to our leaders for marriage counseling? If this is the case, shooks….we can call ANYONE to counsel the saints on marriage issues – even those who never profess to be qualified.

    You know, I really feel that if we step off of our own fleshly ambitions and seek God as to what HE has to say and how HE feels about some of this drama, I think we will find out that God may not be as pleased with us as our cars, homes, bank accounts and television contracts and viewing audience suggests.

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