Spike, You Are A HYPOCRITE!

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Most of us remember a few months ago Spike Lee had a bitter exchange with with Clint Eastwood over his omission of Black soldiers in his movies “Flags Of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima”. Here were some of his accusations.

“Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima” were whites-only affairs.

“He did two films about Iwo Jima back to back and there was not one black soldier in both of those films,”


“Many veterans, African-Americans, who survived that war are upset at Clint Eastwood. In his vision of Iwo Jima, Negro soldiers did not exist. Simple as that. I have a different version,” (source)

Well apparently, irony has come knocking on Lee’s door.

Italian war veterans denounce ‘insulting’ Spike Lee film
Richard Owen in Rome

It is a story that underpins Italy’s postwar democracy: the honour lost under Benito Mussolini was regained through the struggle of the partisans and their help for the Allies. Now the partisans are fighting for their reputation after a new film by the director Spike Lee which, they say, insults the memory of the Italian Resistance during the Second World War.


Partisan organisations are to stage protests today at the Italian film premiere, which will take place at Viareggio, on the Tuscan coast, close to the village of Sant’ Anna di Stazzema, the site of the massacre. The film is due for release on Friday.

At a press screening in Rome, James McBride – the black American author who wrote the novel on which Mr Lee’s film was based – said: “I am very sorry if I have offended the partisans. I have enormous respect for them. As a black American, I understand what it’s like for someone to tell your history, and they are not you.

“But unfortunately, the history of World War Two here in Italy is ours as well, and this was the best I could do . . . it is, after all, a work of fiction.”

Mr Lee, unrepentant, said: “I am not apologising.” He told Italians there was “a lot about your history you have yet to come to grips with. This film is our interpretation, and I stand behind it.” (more…)

So its okay to put Eastwood on blast for his interpretation. But when he gets called out doing the same thing…yeah, skip it!

  1. Roni says:

    Tsk, tsk Spike…now you KNOW they gotcha on this one. You and Clint are both talented and make great movies, now let’s just play fair and leave it at that. 😉

  2. Give it a rest says:

    This is comparing apples to oranges here!

    On the one hand you have a groups stating that do not necessarily agree with an interpetation of their history.

    On the otherhand you have a group that is upset because the history being portrayed is EXCLUDING them WHEN THEY WERE THERE!

    If you know your WWII history particularly in the Pacific Theater you will know that the treatment of blacks in the militray at that time does NOT make for a “happy” good ole American story.

    The black members of the US Navy and Marines corp were subject to some very nasty racial hatred and discrimination at the hands of their white counterparts. Blacks that were willing and capable of fighting were denied the chance and were fored to do the “dirty” work. IT WAS THE BLACK MARINES THAT HAD TO CLEAN UP ALL THE DEAD BODIES ON THE BEACHES! Blackmen were on the beaches of Iwo Jima in large numbers and did play a major role.

    If I was to believe the BS about WWII is get from “WHITE” hollywood I would get the impression that not a single black served in the Pacific. I get the impression that far to may whites are still enjoying the fake romantized verison of WWII were it is portrayed as a whites only affair. Nor do they want to have their romantic view dirtied with the ugly issue of ever present American racism.

    Black folks do serve as a torn in many of their eyes. We always come to the party and CORRECTLY call Bull ***** on their twisted version of america’s history. They hate that!


  3. Duane says:

    This is comparing apples to oranges here!

    Nope! This is about artist INTERPRETATION. Even he admits to this which is why I bolded it in red.

    Both Eastwood and Lee produced war movies that were only based on selected pieces of historical truth. As directors, they are afforded the opportunity to inject as much fiction as they wish in order to make the film salable. Lee didn’t like Eastwood’s creative license and called him on it. No prob. That’s his opinion. Relatives and actual former members of the Italian resistance didn’t like Lee’s creative license and they called him on it. But based on Lee’s reaction, the problem lies with them and they just need to deal with it.

  4. Bria says:

    I agree with Duane. We’re quick to call out white folks…but then justify our actions when we do the same thing.

  5. GB4 Truth says:

    Amen Bria, the hate definitely runs deep, more from blacks as I can tell! When you hate someone, they control you.

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