Protect The Party…UPDATED (1)

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Headlines, Politics

For this past week or so I have been completely pissed over this bailout crap and how folks in both mainstream media and the blogosphere have ignored the root causes of this issue. I’ll get to more on how Fannie and Freddie are being used as cover later. But for now, here is something that was just highlighted on Drudge this afternoon.

In a confidential internal memorandum obtained by Face The State (PDF), the Colorado Democracy Alliance outlines a roster of “operatives” who worked for Democratic victory in the 2006 general election. The document outlines specific tasks for various members of the state’s liberal infrastructure, including a campaign to “educate the idiots,” assigned to the state’s AFL-CIO union. Among the operation’s intended targets: “minorities, GED’s, drop-outs.” (more…)

The next time someone tells me that Democrats do a much better job at reaching out towards Blacks, now I have a point of reference of what they are talking about.

***UPDATE: If you checked out the link above and downloaded the pdf, you would have seen the name “Carolyn Siegel” given the “Educate the Idiots” campaign. Did some searching online and discovered that she is with ACORN. Yep, the same ACORN whose job it is to help minorities (I mean, “the idiot class”).

  1. Peg says:

    IMHO, Democrats clearly are the party more likely to harbor anti-semites these days rather than Republicans – yet – you still see Jews voting far more Democrat than Republican.

    And – although I understand the history of the parties – it seems to me that Republicans treat black folks more just like FOLKS than they do “blacks” – if you know what I mean. Nevertheless – we know which way the votes run.

    All that being said, Duane – I can understand black people wanting to support a black candidate. Although I truly always think you should vote the character and experience of the candidate, their judgment and their views…. I still have some sympathy.

    What you cited above is disgusting.

  2. richard myers says:

    Dirty tricks campaign?

    This is from the Denver Post:


    Memo referring to “idiots” called fake

    Leaders of a progressive donor network said Thursday that a memo written in cloak-and-dagger tones and referring to minorities, dropouts and GED-earners as “idiots” is a forgery.

    The Colorado Democracy Alliance didn’t use words such as “HIGH—COVERT,” “rendezvous” or “Imbedded Media Ops” in its strategizing to push its progressive agenda and elect sympathetic candidates, leaders say.

    Fake or no, the document is certain to provide fodder for Republican adversaries who immediately issued a statement from state party chairman Dick Wadhams on Wednesday criticizing the “culture of condescension” among his political foes.

    Carolyn Siegel, formerly of the AFL-CIO, led an alliance-supported effort to raise Colorado’s minimum wage through a ballot initiative. She scoffed at the idea she or anyone tied to the initiative would refer to voter-outreach efforts as “educate the idiots,” which appears in the undated document.

    “I have never seen (the memo) before,” Siegel said. “That looks bogus.”

    Alliance legal adviser Mark Grueskin produced his own undated memo, which he said was stolen from the alliance’s offices and later used to produce the forgery.

    — Jessica Fender

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