Teacher Responds To Student

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Commentary, Education, Our children

Interesting read I found over at philly.com.

The lament of a black teacher

A LETTER TO the African-American student longing for an African-American teacher:

I am an African-American teacher who retired early – and I must admit that I miss you.

After reading the article about the high school students longing for teachers of their own race, I am considering coming out of retirement to teach you – but this time I come with instructions.

Please do not call me nappy head, bald head or ugly and laugh at me along with students of other races. It really hurts when you do this, not to mention that it reminds me how far we have not come.

I wear a short ‘fro, always did and always will – so your insults will not change that.

They will only make me retire again.

Please do not call me bitch or use any other profanity in my presence because you know better. (more…)


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