And The People Spoke

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Economy

Contrary to what is being spun out there in the media, there were both Democrats and Republicans who opted not to vote for this bill. Why? Because folks are tired of covering for mess that could have been resolved years ago. Those of us who contacted our local representatives have been heard. Yes the market did drop, but not anywhere near the apocalyptic levels they were predicting.

Plus, if this really was a crisis, why…

#…did the Democrats (who had the majority) just pass the bill?
#…was the Senate was not planning on voting on the bill until Wednesday (due to a Jewish holiday)?

Crisis is the friend of the State. Remember that!

  1. S. Cain says:

    I’m real, real relieved this didn’t happen real hastily. In 1929, there was no Internet, no widespread distribution of pertinent information rapidly, and thus, no sense of advanced warning to the public. Although, in 1929, it was a three stage drop -Thursday October 24th and Monday 28th – and not just the “Black Tuesday” the 29th drop. Stocks did drop today, so I certainly want a proper resolution to the crisis. Considering the context of current events, I didn’t trust the blank check. I understand this situation is dire, but the idea of a literal taxpayer bailout carte blanche is unacceptable. We have time to get this done, and to get this done right.

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